Feeling Pain

Feeling Pain

As I live throughout the night to the day,

I wonder why you treated me this way,
Why you made me cry the tears I’ve cried,

And I still don’t understand the reasons why,
The reasons, obviously,

Are very bad,
Because of those tears,

I’ve gotten very mad,

Mad at the person I see in the mirror now,

I don’t even know how,
But inside my head I feel so insane,

Deadly thoughts are running through my brain,

My emotions may seem very empty,

It’s because of all this pain and misery,
That you’ve caused me,

Acting so mediocre,

Now you’re probably wondering what I’m going to say,
Well, I’m not going to tell you,

You know what I should do,
I should just make us over,

But that I won’t do,
I’ll just make you feel the pain that I was put through.

Broken Love

Broken Love
Infect me with your cancer,
Cure me with your disease.
Rip apart my heart and bleed yourself into me.
Steal away my will,
Tear apart my dreams.
Stitch me up with a smile and pull apart my seams.
Break all my ambitions,
Tatter up my heart.
Steal all my desires and shatter my world apart.
Commit me to your prison,
Label me with a number.
Stab me with the needle and give an endless slumber.
Burn away all my flesh,
Drain my blood to the floor.
Kill me with the love that I don’t want anymore.

Longing For Home

Longing For Home

Poor and lonely,

That I am.

Homesick for birthplace,

Family and friends.

Children I have,

And love them I can.

But still I am longing for family and friends.

People I see can stand and cheer.

A smile on their faces,

But their hearts are not clear.

I have endured hardships aplenty,

Burdened with many a stone.

But still I long for my birthplace,

My home.

I Wish You Could Understand

 I Wish You Could Understand

I wish you could understand that my feelings for you are true. 

I wish you could understand how the way you treat me hurts so deep. 

How when you push me away and make me feel as if I don’t matter.

I wish you could understand that despite all your faults 

That I will always love you. 

I wish you could understand and see how much you truly mean to me. 

But until you learn to open your heart and let me in fully I guess you’ll just not understand.

Heart Hurts

Heart Hurts

I`ve suffered too much

My heart hurts so bad

So many sacrifices

Too many tears

Just tell me one thing

That you love me

Thats all I ask

Nothing else

I`ve never had a love

I`ve never had a love

I`m worried I won`t ever

You seem too perfect for me

You were my first love

Sweet silence is the thing for me

Anything you like,

I like too I guess you can say I`m obsessed

But my heart hurts because of you


They tell me one is dangerous.

They tell me two is Flirty.

They tell me three holds awkwardness.

They tell me four is dirty.

They tell me five is crowded,

Of these things I’m not sure…

To me they are just numbers,

And nothing any more.