If I had a Wish

If I had a Wish
If I had a wish, Life’s gonna be better
If I had a wish, I don’t have to be bitter
If I had a wish, Do you know what I am gonna wish?
I wish I never took the peril risk
I hope I never told you what I feel
I hope I can erase my falling tears
I hope I can turn back the time
When I told you my feelings divine
Seems I lost something I can’t take back
My heart in your hands that lost its luck
I know its too late to say this
But if only I had a wish
I wish I never told you
The things I’ve been hiding all through
I wish I kept it hidden
‘Coz the feeling was better then
Now this came into my mind
That I have to take you off from this heart of mine
I know that it is not that easy
But I know its the best for you and me

Moon Tears

Moon Tears
I gaze upon the moon tonight
My eyes, they swell with tears
My dreams are so far out of sight
My hope surcomes to fear
The fullness of the moon does shine
To light the shadows dark
Yet still can’t touch this heart of mine
Where sorrow’s left it’s mark
The tears run slowly down my face
I ponder life to come

Will I stand lonely in this place
Will heartbreak turn me numb
The full moon lights my dark tonight
My tears have now run dry
I’m forced to gather will and might
To be and not ask why

Sleepless Night

 I am But a fading shadow 

Never heard my silence eternal deep, 

Dark-blue velvety 

Without a doubt 

Without a care 

No more feeling of anger, 

No-more of sadness, 

Good bye


Golden light shines through, 

The dark night skies, 

But nothing special is incomplete 

I seek and search out how holding out hope is but a hollowed valleys; 

Deep dark waters run deeply never really reaching beyond all my other fears 

Are quiet, forlorn.

‚ÄčAnd feeble wanderings of all your foes, 
Quiet in anguish gasping on my breathless starless night, 

As when my tortured dreams haunt, 

And as a skill did the dreams dreadfully pull me from slumber again to my very dismay