Thoughts and Dreams

Thoughts and Dreams

You are gone and I know loneliness.

Emptiness overwhelms my heart and soul,

Forcing my mind to wander thru a crossword

Puzzle of thoughts and dreams.

Scarcely discernible one from the other.

A teardrops on my cheek

. A message of regret

For happiness lost long ago.

A smile curved my lips as remembrances

Of another time flit thru my mind.

The stars beckon to me

With friendly fingers of light,

Gas lamps in the windows of heaven

A welcome sight!

I will go to them.

I will be happy.

I will know loneliness no more.

Lost Bye

Lost By
Without your smile 

Without your laughter 

It seems I’am at a lost. 

Years go by, and nothings the same 

The cost of losing you is too high 

If only their were someone to blame. 

I know I will be with you one day again 

But until then what will I do I’am at a lost. 

I depend on our memories to get me through 

I look at pictures of you and hear your laugh 

And still I’am at a lost. 

Until we are reunited 

Nothing is as good as it could be 

Without you I’am lost.