Lest we Forget

Lest we Forget
Lest we forget those years of yore

When our country was first being found
No one really knew what was in store

But determined in mind to own some ground
Our forefathers had to fight for their rights

To settle and build in a life of fear
But often disappeared in darkness of night

How can we thank our forefathers with only a tear?
To make our country such a high level plight


Boy I hurt, you’re so far away
I call you when I hurt, you tell me its ok
I miss you so much and I don’t know why
Because you’re so far makes me want to cry
It’s like god sent an angel from the heavens above
Now you come along and you show me love
Boy I give you my all
But will you be there to catch me, when I fall
I think about us
Loving you is a must
Holding my hand
Hoping what I say you will understand
And hear me out
What is our love about
I want to say our love is true
That’s why I want to give myself to you


Sitting now thinking upon my heartache,
I remember my fear
And how I struggled to recede.
Hopelessly, foolishly I was blinded for love’s sake.
By your beauty I was convinced to proceed.
I’d have given my flesh for yours.
I felt so blessed to soak in your brilliance.
With you I had finally found a way to fight my own resilience.
A time came when I found acceptance.
I wanted to wrap you in my own skin.
I longed for you to know the depth of my love.
I saw into your soul,
I truly see everything within.
To make myself translucent so you could see the capacity of my heart.
To show you although fearful and hesitant
I loved you from the start.
After trying so diligently to make me love you,
You refused to see what I tried to portray.
Not using the same effort you lost me,
Not even trying to stay.


Consumed My soul is weary,
Heart is crying,

All around me dreams are dying,
Hope is fading with the wind,

Trapped within this web of sin.
Invisible tears stain my soul,

This loneliness that no one knows,
I cry within each day and night,

These broken wings;

They long for flight.
Weary and broken

I fall to the floor,

My soul has been raped and it
Breathes no more,

I burn in the ashes

Of my self-inflicted hell,

Of hate that I fear to unveil,

I’m a corpse stained red with
Guilt and shame,

The angels fail

To ease my pain.

I fear that my faith
Is wearing thin,

Consumed by the madness

That screams from within…

My Shadow’s Shadowland

My Shadow’s Shadowland
Journey with me into the
Darkest of the darkest places in
The never-ending void of shallow
Intention and deceitful truth.
You cannot see for all the
Mirk and Mire that clouds
Your hollow eyes,the blades
Within your souls will burn
Your thoughts until the end of time
For you there shall be no end to your
Unholy torment that shall drive you
Out from inside, the windows to your
Soul shall shatter and your spirit will
Be destroyed by the Universal Hammer
And none shall escape the wrath that
Falls upon the you; beware the broken heart.

I Know

I Know
I know we are having hard time
I know you want to be mine
I know we have to fight
I know we’ll do what is right
I know we love each other
I know we’ll be together
I know I can’t wait to have you here
I know even you can’t I’m sure
I know you want to hug and kiss me
I know you want to be with me
I know one day this will happen
I know no matter whatever is the condition
I know once we get rid of this
I know then we’ll have nothing to miss
I know we’ll get everything we want
I know we’ve to work hard without saying I can’t
I just want to say I’m with you in this hard time
Don’t worry, just fight and you’ll be mine

A kiss

A kiss
A kiss is a kiss;
No matter the bliss;
A  person may make it a dream.
A kiss is a sign;

Of love and affection;
A true show of respect and unwritten.
A kiss is so warm;
A real secret treasure;
A kiss that’s untorn;
Unmistakable gesture.
A kiss that’s in vain;
Is not a real kiss;
But more of a sensual nature.