Forgive Me

Forgive me


As I remember not what was I send for,
Forgive me


As I indulge myself in sins which you forbid for,
Forgive me


For the acts I committed which I cried for,
Forgive me


For not thanking all the things you blessed me for,
Forgive me


For not taking the path You wished for,
Forgive me


As I keep going my sinful ways for.
Forgive me


My Creator,
My Sustainer,
I kneel down on the ground and beg for
Your Mercy,
You are the Merciful,

You are the Forgiver,
So forgive me for my mistakes which I
Guide me to the path

You asked for,

Give me good sense,
Give me the courage and patience to remain
On the right path ever..

Please forgive us…


[E-book] Youth’s problem- Sh. Ibn Uthaymeen

Youth is a time of great change and hope for the future. It can be the happiest and most productive time of a person’s life, yet this stage of development can also be fraught with numerous psychological, sociological, and spiritual crises. Because the young people of any society carry the future of their nation on […]



You gaze upon me blindly, not seeing the truth.
You see me for what I am not.
I am not like her.
The wings that held me up once were torn by emotion.
My eyes,
Amber velvet turned opaque green by tears.
My face,
Once radiant and smiling,
Now somber and weary by hatred.
This pain stamped an emotional burn upon my life.
Look at me;
Open your eyes to the sunshine that forever awaits.
A chained heart,
Sealed with eternal pain…
Breaking the shattered illusion where life was bliss.
Seeing the sun through the mist,
Through dark clouds…
Shackled forever to this misery,
To this hatred.
Old wounds disturbed once again….


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Lost Babies

Life moves on days go by and all I do is cry
In the morning I awake my face stained with tears
My sheets drenched with tears
All I feel is pain and despair
I call at for my children only they are not there
Then I remember that my ex has stolen them away
The court gave them to him on the 23rd of January since then it has been like a living Nightmare only I can’t awake from it
I pray to Allah every day and night to keep them safe and bring them home soon

(I wrote this poem after losing a custody battle in 2006) 

You promised me everything
You never gave me anything
And hurt feelings
You didn’t care for me this now I can see
You are so selfish all you cared about is staying
In America
You never spent time with me
You don’t know me
If you knew me you would have know I was unhappy
And in pain you would have heard me when I talked to
You, you would have listened and changed
You would have made it right but no selfish you
All you care about is cars, money and yourself
If you cared about me you would have spent time
With me you would have done partner yoga and
Counseling when I asked you to
Instead you left me alone slowly my hopes faded
My dreams died and I cried myself to sleep your famous
last lie was” I still love her” you
Don’t love me or care for me if you did you wouldn’t
Have forced me to have anal sex you would have seen
That I was unhappy you would have tried to help but no
You just let me be unhappy
Silently I cry myself to sleep and silently my
Heart crumbles away
The sad thing
Is that I loved you
I still do
I do not feel like a human when around you
You are unhealthy you lead to stress in my
You hurt me ignore me and demean me
I do not want my children to grow up seeing
So I have to let you go
I hope you realize that you
You lost a faithful loving wife because you
Didn’t care about her
She tried to reach you
But you blocked her out with walls and by
Avoiding her
It doesn’t matter
You don’t care and you will never understand
She was delicate as a leaf in the wind
Strong as a mountain
Brave as a knight
Gentle as a lamb
Sweet as honey
And now she is sad
As a clown crying tears of sorrow
Her tomorrow was shattered and you didn’t Care