Wishful Thinking

Wishful Thinking
Silver stars and a golden moon
Abound on a highway of northern lights
Diamonds sparkle on ocean waves
And make me yearn with dreams and sighs
Wishing, hoping for dreams to come true
To turn back the chapters till I met you
Will we always pine for what is not
And what will never be again?


They tell me one is dangerous. 

They tell me two is Flirty. 

They tell me three holds awkwardness. 

They tell me four is dirty.

 They tell me five is crowded, 

Of these things I’m not sure… 

To me they are just numbers, 

And nothing any more.



You gave me life

After nine months of wandering

You gave me happiness when you smiled your loving smile

You helped me up when I fell down

And stayed there to listen

When my world was spinning around

You watched me grow

Year by year you let me know what life was all about

And all the happy times we’ve shared together

I’ll never forget as long as I live…

I’m glad that God gave you to me to be…

My Mother…..

I love you

Empty Heart

Empty Heart

“Love is something like the wind 

You can’t see it, 

But  you can feel it 

I believe that statement 

It’s like how my heart is right now 

My heart is out, given to another 

But I’ve nothing to show for it 

Except vast emptiness and endless wishes 

He said he needs time and I need to wait 

And here I am…

Waiting as patiently as I can 

Though my patience grows weary at points 

But I know he’s honest with his words 

And his words are ones that I will obey 

Because he has my heart 

He’s the only one who can truthfully make me whole once again 

I miss him more than anything, 

He’s my world 

And my heart is his 

And here I wait…

As patiently as I can 

For my empty heart to be whole once again.

World of Temptation, pt II

World of Temptation, pt II

Outsiders would believe
My life they were
Saving, my soul
They were relieving.
My life and soul
Are my own with
Which to use as I
See fit, and they
Would have me believe
Their lies!
My life cannot be
Saved for lost it
Was so long ago!
My soul screams and
I cannot sleep so
Death I pray for!
I dream of escaping
To the world of temptation.


Time elapses so quickly.
Like the time between
A baby’s first smile
And the day you give
Her hand to another
Who loves her as much
As you do, with all they have.
Time isn’t there for us
To question or measure.
It is given as a way
To measure our lives.
What we’ve done,
Who we’ve shared
Our souls and hearts with.
Time like life and love
Are over so quickly.
Take time to love,
Love to take time before
There’s nothing to be measured.

They Slew Me

They Slew Me

They tore out my heart,

These demons of discord and malice.
They feasted on it,

Those demons of hatred and spite.
I had no chance,

Not a prayer,

I didn’t even resist.
And this life it keeps going,

And I can never stop it.

One more day,

I live to rue my existence.
I can’t deny,

I’ve had a hand in my own demise.
It’s so unfair,

I was so young.
Despite even that and my innocence,

They slew me anyway.
So lays my slain body,

Fallen to the ground.



Why does life seem so hard?
Why do people treat me like dirt?
And why am I always the one getting hurt?
Can you answer me?

When I fall down why doesn’t anyone help me up?
When I am hurting why doesn’t anyone comfort me?
When I cry why doesn’t anyone wipe away my tears?
Can you answer me?

Why do mom and dad fight?
Do I have any rights?
When will the day be that I shall die?

Why does anyone choose to lie?
Can you answer me?
These are 10 simple questions that no one in life can answer.

Blue Is..

Blue Is…

Blue is the ocean

Blue is the sky

Blue are the teardrops people have cired.

Blue is a rain storm

Blue is a flavor

Blue is a summertime,

Moments I savor

Blue is a friendship

Blue is a feeling a broken heart that’s just begun healing

Blue is the earth

Blue are the stars

Blue’s all around us this whole world of ours