Someone New


Today I met someone new,
His hair is black his eyes are brown 
I  tried hard to deny this fact,
But my attention he did attract.
When I look into his eyes he’s all I see,
I wonder if he’s the man for me.
My heart jumps and skips a beat,
Whenever my eyes and his do meet.
I’m not sure if this someone new,
Has similar feelings for me too.
All I know is how I feel,
And the feelings that I feel are real.
When someone new comes into your life,
You wonder if he’ll make you his wife.
After a few years have passed,
I hope I’m the one who makes him laugh.
Early in the morning and late at night,
I want to be the one he holds tight.
I never knew a dream come true,
Until the day I met someone new.

For Those Left Behind

For Those Left Behind


In the stillness of my room,
I’ll sometimes think of you
And smile.
Picturing your face…you smile
And I wonder:
How you are,
What you are doing,
Do you think of me too?
And do you know
That no matter where you are
Or what you do
In the stillness of some lonely night
You’ll always have this friend
Who fondly thinks of you?

Sharlene – A Friend in Need


Facing a life
Full of dark, forboding clouds
Living in a vacuum
Whispers heard so loud
Looking at the sunrise
She only sees the rain
Crying in the sunshine
Laughing in her pain
Afraid to be alone
Loving company
Can’t face her own life
Will never be free
Not knowing where to turn
Looking for a crutch
Needing taking care of
Not caring very much
Wake up on some morning
Find your hidden cause
Stand up on your own
You’re no longer lost.

In The Quran

The Most Selfish One-Letter Word”I”

Avoid It

(Surah Al Kahf 18:34)


The Most Satisfying Two-Letter Word


Use It

Surah Al An’am 6:71-72


The Most Poisonous Three-Letter Word


Kill It

Surah Al Qasas 28:78


The Most Used Four-Letter Word


Value It

(Surah Al Rum 30:21)


The Most Pleasing Five Letter Word


Keep It

(Surah Al Najm 53:43)


The Fastest Spreading Six-Letter Word


Ignore It

(Surah Al Hujurat 49:12)


The Hardest Working Seven Letter Word


Achieve It

(Surah Al Nur 24:37-38)

The Most Enviable Eight-Letter Word


Distance It

(Surah Yusuf 12:8-9)

The Most Powerful Nine-Letter Word


Acquire It

(of Allah & the Holy Qu’ran) Surah Ya Sin 36:2 Surah Yusuf 12:2


The Most Essential Ten-Letter Word


Trust It
(Trust in Allah’s Guidance)

 Surah Al Tawbah 9:51
Surah Yunus 10: 9

Surah Al Tawbah 9:51


The Forgotten Child

The Forgotten Child


Nobody knows how it feels to be me,
Half the time they don’t want to see,
I’m  always left alone to sit here and moan,
What good am I once I am grown?
Nobody cares what happens to me,
Sometimes I feel like I could just jump in the sea.
It wouldn’t matter since it is only me,
No one  would even notice where I would be.
SO all I want is a friend who can see,
How it really feels just to be me.

I stopped writing

I stopped writing

I used to picture a little island that would
whisk me away for days.
I should have never stopped writing.
It is what gives me the strength to move on.
I put it aside and carried on.
I used to be scared that someone would find
what I wrote and read it.
So after a while of having a precious
writing I’d rip it up.
I was embarrassed about some of the ways
that I felt, Ashamed.
My paranoid feelings made me put down
My Pen and Pad.
So I stored my emotions in the back of
my head.
Rigorously they built up in my brain
until it was to late to realize.
I held in so much pain.
Only to have my conscience haunt me and
by not writing, delete me.

Just One Question


I opened up my heart to him
when he entered my home.
I offered my body to him
and he entered my soul.
He cast fear on my desire
With the words he didn’t say
The heart, home, body and soul
With time and space too much delay.
Now he speaks to me
Of a longing new-discovered,
To spend the time and take the risks
Perhaps to be my life-long lover.
Space and time still stand between us
Only fragments can we share
Though I know his soul is golden
My heart whispers “Please beware.”
Through all the years I have waited
He seems the answer to my desire
But does he perceive my worth enough
To forbear all that time and space require?

Couldn’t love you

Couldn’t love you

I….love youuuuuu 

Yes, I love you….but I couldn’t say it 

I miss you….but I couldn’t do it 

I just can watching you from a distance 

Keeping you in my mind 

Loving you in my heart 

You are too good to be true 

You are my dream and my happiness 

Look at your face, make me feel so warm inside 

Look at your smile, make my heart beat so fast 

Sometimes I want to hug you 

I want to hold your hand 

and lay my head into your shoulder 

But I just couldn’t 

Loving you secretly is the way I love you 

Tears fall down from my eyes everyday 

Wound in my heart become so deep 

And I still couldn’t forget you 

But I still love you 

Till the end 

You still come to my dream every night 

You will always in my heart forever 

You will always be my sweetest dream

The Beat Of My Heart

My heart beats for you, if only it’ll come true .
If you would only comfort me , and ease my pain.
I could breathe I would be born again.
With each beat of my heart I yearn for you.
With a few small words and things could of been different……..
And with each beat of my heart I regret losing you.
Each beat brings me pain,reminds me you are not near.
Arms outreached, for you