The Human Body

The Human Body

What is in the human body?
Muscles stretching for comfort,
Blood cells carring oxygen
Lined up army – like in the veins,
Fellings of high spirits and melancholy,
The momentous heart that keeps us alive.
What’s in the human body?
Minutemen, rivals of the cold,
Stacks of books of infinite knowledge,
Visions of the past, present, and future,
Peaceful drummers in the ear,
Illustrious jesters of medieval times,
The force that controls the world


How do you know if your faitful? 

Is just no answer. 

If you were ever faitful
You’ll  respect and wait untill are time is ready. 

No body really knows the fate we
Will  have together. 

Are we supposed to be together,

 Is that are destiney? 

Will we get married and be together until Faithfully 
Tears departs. 

All I know is that I’m faitful
And  cheating isn’t my thing!


One who shows you the right path,

One who teaches you how to take a bath.
One who shows you the way of life,
One who is your fathers wife.
One who holds your hand as you walk,
One who teaches you how to talk.
One who loves you with all her heart,
One who of you is a part.
One who is not like any other,
That one who I call my mother.

A One Sided Love

A One Sided Love
Love is the only thing that holds me here,
The very essence of you keeps me going,
The memories of you and what we shared,
Kissing you and holding you close,
Fighting never to let go,
But you slipped through my fingers like grains of sand,
Flowing through the hourglass,
Our time together slowly fading away,
Making the endless dream become a nightmare,
No escape of pain and suffering,
Nothing but falling down an endless void,
For what was lost will never be found,
Our beautiful dream suddenly forgotten,
Never again to be thought of,
Forever to remain a distant memory.

– A Treasure!

In My Hand-

In my hand I hold a treasure,
No lighter than a feather,
Whether love or affection will hold Us together,
For all I know my Treasure
Won’t have to hold the charm
Of beauty,
Nor the meaning of perfect.
And now since I almost lost my treasure
I shall never try losing it again.
For my treasure isn’t of physical value,
Like gold and diamonds.
And if you were to open my hand,
And were to pull out my treasure,
You Will understand.
The atmosphere, the rain
Or the weather,
Won’t change the relationship of my friend. . .

Illuminating Prayer

Illuminating Prayer

My prayer goes out to you
Praying that you are
Free from dis-comfort
Free from dis-ease.
May you be happy and healthy
Prosperous and wealthy
May all the dreams that
You want come true.
May you understand your role
In our world today
May you be strong and wise
Pray your troubles away.
These are times when
You must do your best
You’ve got to have it together
Success won’t accept less.
May you have countless blessings
Your whole life through
May you realize you’re loved
May God shine more light on you!