Loves Him in Her Heart

Loves Him in Her Heart
She has a secret crush she keeps hidden from everyone. 

She’s only told a couple friends, barely more than one. 

He is a boy that she misses because their schools are apart. 

But although he doesn’t know, she loves him in her heart. 

She speaks of him so many times that she drives her friends insane. 

But that’s only because they don’t feel her heart’s pain. 

Even though he pokes her as if he were a dart, 

She’ll  let him keep going, without knowing she loves him in her heart. 

She feels sad when she sees a new girlfriend come his way. 

She just has so many feelings she’d just like to say. 

Even though he plays her as if she were a harp, 

She’ll keep playing, without saying she loves him in her heart.

Never-ending Thoughts

Never-ending Thoughts

My thoughts are many, but fragments;
Each one not making any sense on its own.

Haven’t quite figured out how to put all the pieces together;
Perhaps…no, that would be the easy way out.

Each end looking for a beginning;
Each beginning keeps starting over.

Is it the past merely repeating itself?
Or is it trying to teach a lesson that can’t be learned?

The answer is somewhere between the beginning and the end.

Because the end, ultimately, is death

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I smell love here, I smell love there,
I smell love everywhere, even in the air.
it’s a feeling that you get in your heart,
when you get that feeling, nothing can set you apart.
it’s a special thing, it’s a spark between two human beings.
Sometimes there is love at first sight,
sometimes you must search for love with all your might.
When you’re in love with someone it can lead to something great.
You should go with your inner feeling and never wait.
Keep going until your heart is content,
one more thing you should never forget,
you must stay focused, keep your eyes on the prize,
and by all means always be wise.



I am tired of this cage that I live in.
The cage has a worn, deep entrenched path the traces my
monotonous life. 

The steel, cold bars drive me mad
just thinking that it’s very existence is a reminder that I
cannot escape. 

What I wonder at is that I – I chose it!
Why did I not flee as the others did? I cry insanity.
Why did I accept it’s drab, dull, limiting, hostel
I believe I was too much the mouse and not the lion
the wild lion.

Sometimes my former mates visit, only to serve as a
reminder of why they left. 

They don’t visit for long;it  is the cage. They only want to see the monstrosity
so they might appreciate the freedom much more
I long to release my latent fury. 

To break-even dent the
uniform bars. But no-I must bid my time. I have played the
role of the lamb much too long to suddenly become…
the hawk! So I might soar. 

I am restless, I want hope. A
caretaker peers at me: “You have but a few years, until then
won’t this do.” He turns on a lamp.
Not it won’t; for I want the sun.



Undulating waves
crashing, churning
life’s burning desire
full of passion
leading reason
to naught.
Where’s the sea
between you and me
to come rushing
to the shore of
unchartered waters?
Pounding surf,
hearts aflame
seem to cry



When problems in life make you seem weak
That’s when you are most likely defeated.
But once you realize, there is a strength
In you that can not be weakened, that’s when
You see clearly and your path in life is deepened.
Don’t let any one or any thing choose your destiny,
Just trust in who you are and proceed accordingly.
You are strongest in your darkest hour,
So hang tough and believe in your power.
Power to control your own destiny and not settle for
Anything less than what you want your life to be.
Yes, this strength lies deep
Inside us all.
So, when you’re about to fall, take a step back,
Reflect on who you are and answer the call.


with a breath of air my day begins, and with
the closing of my eyes it ends.
it ‘s never different, it never changes,
my love for you remains the same.
you are my strength, my rock, my foundation.
why I feel this way about you needs no explanation.

Broken Memories

It’s been so very long since I’ve cried this pain
my strength wanes but the tears resist
(I wasn’t made to cry).
I’m broken but I can’t fall apart
It must be that something you left behind.
I want to scream I still need you but time’s proved I don’t
Wish I could give up but you taught me better.
Can’t see my path but I know it’s there
You showed me that so many times.
Broken memories threaten my sanity
I don’t remember you whole but I feel who you were
I need an excuse to be a victim of this pain
But you left me none and all I can do is go on.
Now I wish you were here to fall down and let you pick me up
To see once more the wondrous light in your eyes
To hear again the depth of your voice
To speak without words, to stop feeling time
And to know that even better than me you do understand.