Consumed My soul is weary,
Heart is crying,

All around me dreams are dying,
Hope is fading with the wind,

Trapped within this web of sin.
Invisible tears stain my soul,

This loneliness that no one knows,
I cry within each day and night,

These broken wings;

They long for flight.
Weary and broken

I fall to the floor,

My soul has been raped and it
Breathes no more,

I burn in the ashes

Of my self-inflicted hell,

Of hate that I fear to unveil,

I’m a corpse stained red with
Guilt and shame,

The angels fail

To ease my pain.

I fear that my faith
Is wearing thin,

Consumed by the madness

That screams from within…


It’s A Shame

It’s A Shame

The circle is falling round us,

Creatures are weeping near us,

Don’t you think it’s a shame?

Growing flowers are crying,

Pain is crawling in the skin,

Don’t you think it’s a shame?

Materialistic things seem more important than people,

Isnt this a shame?

Casting stones, cruelty to innocence ,

Whats going on in the world?

The world is changing to the worst war field ever seen to man,

Is that a shame?

It’s not the world’s fault,

It’s the things that live within the world,

It’s the people.

I Pretended Not To Notice

I Pretended Not To Notice

I pretended not to notice the color of his eyes;

Or the way he would glance past me when I caught him looking at me.

I pretended not to notice when his eyes promised me the stars.

I pretended not to notice the joy apparent in his eyes

At the sight of his child asleep next to me.

I pretended not to notice when his eyes noticed someone else.

I pretended not to notice the disappointment

In the eyes looking back at me from my mirror.

I pretended not to notice those eyes filled with tears.

I pretended not to notice…..

Because my soul could take no more.



Feelings are important to everyone,

But should they be?

As I sit here,

I am disgusted with myself for my feelings.

They betray who I am.

We should not allow it to be this way,

So turn off all emotion and be safe from all hurt and pain.

There is a downside,

You will feel no joy or any type of happiness so is it worth it?

Look at me,

How far I’ve come..

Now watch me unravel and come undone.

In hindsight,


It all makes sense-

Backstabbed by people

I considered my friends.

Sometimes I feel like I’m to blame;

I go to scream,

But I refrain.

I go to talk,

Then lose my breath-

My tears are all that I have left.

I’ve lost what I have cherished most;

I’m a lone survivor,

Living among ghosts.


If I could turn back time for a day

Things would be so full of disarray

As the one I loved then

But did not realise

Till I saw him again

Would surely let me have another chance

Time passes by Friends part,

Lovers meet again

Yesterday seems like a dream

We did not live fully until now,

Too late We seem to open up our eyes

That the past kept closed to

What was right in front of us

I remember everything.

Remember it well

All those things you said to me.

The pain that I felt

Tried to be everything.

But somehow always fail

What the hell do you want from me.

I never could tell

Now I realize.

A smile,

Is my disguise

Only open eyes will let me see,

How long will I let me bleed?

If only a reason,

If only a day You could open your eyes,

What would you say?

Red as blood is your skin,

Forgot love for a desire within

Passion for pain.

Sin and shame

Price is mine.

Your debt unpaid

Broken Heart

Broken Heart

You broke my heart,

Tore it in two,

Then lied even more.

You broke my heart,

Said you still loved me,

Then went for my enemy.

You broke my heart,

Told me you liked her,

Then said you didn’t love me anymore.

You broke my heart,

I told you I still loved you,

Then you said you never loved me.