Some Things My Grandma Taught Me

Some Things My Grandma Taught Me
My grandma taught me
How things are and how they should be.
She taught me when to hold my head up high
And when to lower it and cry.
My grandma taught me to deal with life’s pain
And that a good sense of humor,
Will usually keep you sane.
She taught me about days passed,
And gave me memories to cherish,
That will always last.
My grandma taught me to be strong,
Both physically and mentally,
And to treat all living things gently.
She taught me about mother nature and God,
And just what it felt like to be two peas in a pod.
My grandma taught me to appreciate,
The things I have and the food on my plate.
But most of all,
My grandma taught me to be me,
And when I look around,
Not to be blinded,
But to open my heart and see.


The thing that money can’t buy. 

She is their earth, 

Their food,

 Their bed 

And the extra blanket when it grows cold in the night 

She is their warmth and their shelter. 

Some are kissing mothers 

Some are scolding mothers 

Most mothers kiss and scold together 

But it is love just the same. 

Mothers can bear your pain 

Comport where it hurts 

Be there for you when needed. 

God knew what he was doing 

When he made mums for you and me 

They say that man is mighty 

He governs land and sea 

But the hand that rocks the cradle 

Will do just fine for me. 

But the hand that rocks the cradle 

Will do just fine for me.

Feeling Pain

Feeling Pain

As I live throughout the night to the day,

 I wonder why you treated me this way, 

Why you made me cry the tears I’ve cried, 

And I still don’t understand the reasons why, 

The reasons, 

Obviously, are very bad, 

Because of those tears, 

I’ve gotten very mad, 

Mad at the person I see in the mirror now, 


 I don’t even know how, 

But inside my head I feel so insane, 

Deadly thoughts are running through my brain, 

True, my emotions may seem very empty, 

Its because of all this pain and misery, 

That you’ve caused me, acting so mediocre, 

Now you’re probably wondering what I’m going to say, 

Well, I’m not going to tell you, 

You know what I should do, 

I should just make us over, 

But that I won’t do, 

I’ll just make you feel the pain that I was put through.

One Corner

One Corner
One corner in my house remains dark.
There are no cobwebs; there is no dust.
However, it is often visited.
Even lighting the corner was only temporary.
Eventually the bulb went out,
Was forgotten,
And never replaced.
One corner in my house remains dark.

Our Castles of Sand

Hands determinedly digging
through sand, rocks and shells
pounding, pumping and preparing
magnificent mounds of living structure.

Like castles of sand
on a burning beach,
our cities emerge
from lifeless barren soil.
A network of confusion
erupting into violence and hate.

Only the rich can have
the upper windows
that look out and on, away
from the mess their hands
have formed.

The others, stifled
sitting in houses
awaiting death.
Seizing, grasping any kind of joy
that comes their way,
even if their joy claims
that of others.
Stagnated youth, lying helpless at the end of a needle
Stolen innocence of childhood appeasing the lusts of men
Tyrannical credit cards
seizing wealth that does not exist,
pulling people into poverty
in the name of freedom.

Beware! the tide always comes
what we think is permanent, stable and prolonged
disappears in an instant.
Our castles of sand
that cost so much of life and beauty to build,
will one day,
all be washed away.