Night Fright

Night Fright
I see a shadow in the dark moving toward my bed
I feel a hand creep up beside and it is cold and dead
I taste the blood of ebony as pours from my very veins
I look and find upon my wall blood an everlasting stain
I hear the knife pull from the sheath and wait for endless pain
But then the sun creeps to the sky
And I find I did not die
The shadows run away from me
The hand a cats wet nose
The blood a jacket on a nail
Now all is fine and I’m alive
Thank goodness for the day.


Hope Prosperity-Magic
Little people all about,
Run, shout and never pout,
Candy is all about.
Costumes here and costumes there,
No one is running bare.
Witches, goblins and ghosts,
Where are all the hosts.
Knock on doors with a light,
“Let’s give them a fright.”
We are here for a sweet,
We are trick or treating!

As The Days Go By

As The Days Go By
As the days go by
I wonder into the sky
To do or not to
Is the main question in my mind
Decisions decisions decisions……..
That I make that’s making me go crazy all the way
As the days go by
I have forgot how to play
To do or not to
Is the only thing in my mind
Decisions decisions decisions……..
That I make that’s making me go crazy all the way

A War No One Can Win

A War No One Can Win

The world has abandoned us
We must stand alone;
We must fight to survive
All that matters is that
We exist; living is irrelevant
We go on forever, lost
Unwanted, unloved, untouched
By time and space
We are the weirdos, the kinky
The abused, the hurt,
And the depressed masses that
No one wants to deal with
We are the ugly, the deformed
The forgotten. We are the low
Self-esteem of a mourning
World drowning in shame
No one wants us and so we
Don’t want them. We must fight alone
We must make our stand, because
The world has abandoned us.



The silence is a deafening thing
Sound echoes so hollow, the emptiness
Screams more words than we could ever
Follow with our ears or hearts.
It draws everything into it,
Pulling, calling, and taking
Shuting all away, never letting on
That it knows everything.

The silence takes away your
Breath, it renders you helpless
To feign pleasantness, to be
Fake like you were before.
The silence makes you tell the
Truth as you never told before
Silence forces you to be the real you
It takes away all pretense,lying no more.


Love was the honey drop
Held to this plate
It rolled freely as the
Plate tilted in the soft hands
Viscous checked it from falling down,
Yet letting it roll the way it wanted.
The cold wave, gusty wind
Fleeting rain and burning cold
The little drop froze
Sharp pick, hurt and bruises
Impatient and anger lit the flame
Red, orange and blue
Bruise and soot clad hands
Forayed the sweet drop in the heart