Who’s going to comfort the girl,
Who crys everynite?
Who’s going to comfort the girl,
Who never sees the light.
Who’s going to comfort the girl,
Who bathes in her own sorrow.
Who’s going to comfort the girl,
Who hopes to see tomorrow.
Who’s going to comfort the girl,
Who screams at the thought of fear.
Who’s going to comfort the girl,
Whos doesn’t want to hear.



Your sweetness

And kind word
Always make me want to stay

Where I can hold you close
And be kept safe

From my cruel


Trodden upon

And ignored

And scorned,

My spirit
May be a little torn,

But a
Single touch,

A look, a promise
Is all it took to convince me
That you were true.

No one,

Even forces

And powers above me

Will ever keep me from you,
Because I love you.

More than life,

More than living
I could never think of forgetting

Or living without you,

He whom I love.

So dear with all my heart.

The Puzzle

The Puzzle

Life is a puzzle
Always trying to put the pieces together

Just when you think you’ve got it figured out
Something happens to make you totally doubt

There is so much for us to see,

To feel,

And to know

I hope to have the opportunity with you to
Learn and grow

I wonder each day if I should keep holding on
To something my head tells me is so wrong

Keep living and believing that we will all
Mind our answers

Some day God will bring us peace and heal
Our mind’s cancer

For now we just live one day at a time, all
The while missing you.

America’s Angels

America’s Angels
The day was one of deafness,
One none of us could bare to hear.
The world as we knew it
Was close to the end, so we feared.
So many quickly taken without
Sharing loving goodbyes.
Through sadness of many aching tears
We shared our loss with the sound of cries.
Over and over it played in our minds,
That terrible scene high up in the sky.
God suddenly had new angels to give golden
Wings to fly.
Many were left to keep living, knowing life had to go on.
New lives meant new meanings and the rhythm of a new song.
God Bless everyone who lost loved ones on September 11, 2001.

Living Adjectives

Living Adjectives

Beauty and its essence,
Young and old,

Brave and bold.
Laughter and its innocence.

Loud and free,
Finally able to be me.

Love and its feeling,
Warmth and caring,

Need to be sharing.
Freedom and its glory,


Yet standing tall
Even in the midst of it all.

Pain and its ache,
Hurt and sorrowful tears,

Someone wash away my fears.
Life and its magnitude,

Short or long,
Hoping you didn’t live it all wrong.

Sinking into Shadow

Sinking into Shadow

I saw the maiden’s
Silvery hair, her eyes like
Rubies shone brighter in
The night than the sun
Then I knew the voice
That called so softly
To my soul had taken over
What was never my own
And who am I to deny
The beauty of a perfect
Heavenly paradise to
Those who lie down
To happily die and who
Was I to warn them anyway
I just ran away today
Crying, weeping, and never
Never sleeping as the screams
Of past and future haemorrhage
Inside me, killing me so lovely