You look at me and call me oppressed,
Simply because of the way I’m dressed,

You know me not for what’s inside,
You judge the clothing I wear with pride
My body’s not for your eyes to hold,
You must speak to my mind,

Not my feminine mold,
I’m an individual,

I’m no mans slave,
It’s Allahs pleasure that I only crave
I have a voice so I will be heard,
For in my heart I carry His word,
“O ye women,

Wrap close your cloak,
So you won’t be bothered by ignorant folk
Man doesn’t tell me to dress this way,
It’s a Law from God that I obey,
Oppressed is something I’m truly NOT,
For liberation is what I’ve got
It was given to me many years ago,
With the right to prosper,

The right to grow
I can climb moutains or cross the seas,
Expand my mind in all degrees
For God Himself gave us LIB-ER-TY
When He sent Islam,
To You and Me…

Hijab PatternsĀ 

As Salam Alikum readers 

Below are some links from YouTube for sewing your own hijab patterns, 

When it comes to wearing hijab I personally prefer one piece pull on and go hijabs as I am busy with small children and dislike pins as I always seem to poke myself with them .

The patterns are free on YouTube so I’m sharing a few.



Enjoy will in sha Allah post other patterns for Islamic clothing soon 

Hijab Poem

Look at me . . .
Hear what I have to say.
Open your eyes. Listen for once.

The oppression you fear,
The suppression you feel,
The depression you fall into, All you do for me;
None are wanted or necessary.

Are welts from chains or a husband’s hand imprinted upon my face?
Are my modest glances skittering here and there in trepidation?
Are tears of pain coursing down my face?

Search my face.
You will find inner peace revealed.
Retrace my modest posture.
From the smooth, unhurried movements;
a confident woman will emerge.
Listen carefully to my soft spoken voice.
Serenity will be woven through each syllable.

I tell you . . . look at me.
I am not oppressed, suppressed, nor depressed.
I am a veiled woman of my own choice, conscience, and rightful cause.