Patience is endured by self discipline.
Allah is speaking to you ,

But you don’t listen.
Not thinking outside out of the box.

You’re feet are hurt from kick all the rocks.
Head down and mad about the world.
Making yourself sick when your eyes start to swirl.
Getting really bad gut feelings and confused.
Temptations of going to the past is how you’ll be abused.
Just being in the same position as you were before.
When you could have had the option to fall on the floor.
Taking up too much time and running away from truth.
Keep in your mind your getting older,

No longer a youth.
Allah makes everything happen for a reason.
He’s the reason you’re alive and still breathing
But you’re still not seeing’
Unbelieving, not caring and holding onto ya sin.
There’s always repentance.
Every time we hear Allah’s name,

There’s remembrance.
Not about just who He is or what He created.
Everything in His works has even prostrated.
The Moon,

The Sun,

Stars, and Planets.
If you can look up to either one of them with out a non-believer there,

I bet you’d get it.
Just take a look for yourselves and open up your mind.
Allah willing will guide you at the right Place at the right time.



Nothing can
turn off that bonfire
that our hearts aglow,
with the throb
while feeding,
with the beats
Nothing can
eliminate heat
This focus gives
When illuminates the soul
making it cosy
in the light of love.
Nothing can
consume the energy
that love creates
with its eternal fire
fueling so
the bright be
that it believes
and with him he lives

5 Ways to Free Yourself From Dark and Obsessive Thoughts

Stuck thoughts. Painful ruminations. Unrelenting obsessions. They are the curse of depression — among the most excruciating symptoms, in my opinion. “When a child gets lost, he may feel sheer terror,” explains Byron Katie in her bestseller Loving What Is. “It can be just as frightening when you’re lost inside the mind’s chaos.” I can usually…


Hijab poem

So They Say Muslim Women Is Oppressed,
Let’s Find The Facts,
And Those Who Are Calling For Their Freedom Of Women,
Let’s Call For The Equality,
Let’s Call For Justice,
Let’s Save These Muslim Women From The Oppression Of Today,
So Let’s Free Her Please, Free Her From What ?
Free Her From Her Dignity Of Course,
Free Her From The Clothes That She Wears,
Free Her From The Pride That She Has,
Free Her That She Doesn’t Know Who The Ancestors Were,
Let’s Free This Girl,
Let’s Set Her Free,
Come On Girl, Come On Down.
Come On Down When You Have No Value,
Come On Down On Your Price Is For The Highest Bidder,
Come On Down Where Every Time They Can Hear You Look At You,
Come On Down That You’ll Be Judged According To 36, 24, 36,
If You Fit The Bill, You’re Good.
How Big The Measurements,
How Good You Look Is Not What You Have Inside,
It’s What You Have Outside,
It Is A Superficial Short Lived,
A Measuring Stick That Is Judged
By A Human Being,
They Put You Like A Hanger,
They Put The Clothes On,
This Year Is The Red,
Everybody Wears Red,
This Year Is Black,
Everybody Wears Black,
It’s Below The Knee,
It’s Above The Knee,
It’s Cut From The Right,
It’s Cut From The Left,
It’s Cut From The Front,
It’s Cut From The Back.
You Feel Like A Toy,
You’re A Slave To A Man That Tells You What To Do,
What Not What To Do,
What To Wear,
What Not What To Wear,
Is That The Freedom You’re Telling Me About?
Or Are You To Please Allah SWT,
A Man That Doesn’t Care Who You Are, Where You Go,
You’re Gonna End Up In The Hell Fire After Him Or Allah SWT That Wants You To Go In Eternal Happiness,
Is That The Freedom You’re Telling Me About?
Is This Who You Are?
It’s A Choice You Have To Make Ukhti!
What kind of dignity a non-believer has by the way;
They conduct their life and expose themselves.
They have removed the shield of protection,
That modesty of Hijab and left themselves unprotected and that is the cause for the assault,
Which takes place once every ten seconds in rape and…


A man had an argument with his wife and said..

I am going to make your life miserable…

The wife calmly replied…

You cannot do that…

He said…

Why not?…

She said..

If happiness were to be found in money or jewellery…

You could deprive me of it and take it away from me,

But it is nothing over which you or any other person has control.

I find happiness in my faith,
And my faith is in my heart…
And no one has power over it except my creator…