I am nobody who are you?
Are you nobody too?

My options don’t matter

My voice is not heard

I am invisible , Nobody sees me

Nobody hears me

Nobody will miss me

I am nobody

Why should somebody care about a nobody like me

Modest Dress Code For Children

Diary of a Revert Muslimah

Yeah I know it seems weird to be writing a article on how to dress children but I feel I must have a say and this seems like the only place were I can have a say so away I am writing .

I feel there are certain ways children should dress and this is my way no one Else’s way feel free to agree or disagree , I really don’t care .


Showing the knees in both boys and girls is tacky and immodest should be avoided.

The length of a dress should be at least below the knee or longer ankle length is preferred. When one sits down one should make sure that dress is draped over legs and ankles if need be one may use a small lap blanket to cover legs and be modest

  • Sleeves should cover shoulders and the older one is the longer…

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A Mothers Prayer

Diary of a Revert Muslimah

Oh Allah give me SABER
To deal kindly when the children are testing my patience and acting like wild animals

To guide them to the straight path , and not be harsh when they are jumping off the walls and everything else
Oh Allah give me strength and gentleness , as well as a clear head to see all sides of the picture

Give me courage and strong will to always speak and teach the truth
To be able to carry several sleeping children to their beds
Oh Allah Give me guidance and Saber
And help me teach and guide my children to the straight path


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I have come to the conclusion that fighting the bipolar monster is pointless why even bother all I do is feel exhausted and alone no one truly understands how I feel or what it feels like this all is so pointless .
I feel like I am walking through thick dense fog and freak show mirrors where ever I turn everything is distorted then I fall into the quicksands of depression the more I struggle the worse it is .
My husband doesn’t believe that there is such a thing as depression and bipolar disorder he says it’s all in my head , he doesn’t support me and is not understanding as to what I am going through .
My friends have all drifted away I am all alone and it will probably always be that way , no one sees me no one hears me I am invisible I am nobody who are you? Are you a nobody like me or are you a somebody ?
Were do the somebodies stay ? Is it were the nobodies never go?
I walk through the shadow of the valley of desperation, doubt and fears more often than I care to think about it, drown you deeper into the abyss of seclusion, irrationality and depression if you continue holding on it will sink you forever.
I have no voice I am voiceless no one can hear my cries and screams I have always been voiceless .

Depression Monster is back

the depression monster is back this time he came creeping in on the back of pain and loneliness, how many times must I battle with this monster?
Some days there is no point in trying to battle all you can do is keep your head down and wait for the monster to retreat . I feel osculate like I am of no use , medications don’t help keep the monster away all they bring is their own set of problems , why is my brain so messed up ?

bipolar poem

So… bi polar is our ‘thing’,
It has a certain ‘ring’,
It makes me mad,
It makes me sad,
But also makes me sing…

It makes me want to bleed,
..Mostly out of need,
So use a knife,
Improve my life,
…inside I’m still not freed.
I chase everyone away,
God forbid they ever stay.
Make a wife???
…I have no life…!!
Alone is the only way.

I found a group online,
Supporting lives like mine.
I have made new friends,
No bitter ends,
You all have all my time.

Without you in my life,
I wont make a decent wife.
I will use my knife,
And end my strife,
Reach things beyond our time.

For this hour I’m feeling cheery,
Had the urge to post this rhyme,
So far less of the dreary
I find u all sublime…
Bi polar, plus all the others,
= everything my life covers!..

Diary of a Revert Muslimah

I have been stable for a while and now I find myself falling into a depression again guess that is the nature of being bipolar I’m either up or down but it never stays that way for long . The worse part about having bipolar is never knowing how my brain will react.
Any little thing can tip my mood which sucks as I never know what will and sometimes I have to ask myself am I overreacting or is this an appropriate reaction.

There are certain things I can control , like what I wear and watch other things I have no control over, like the weather and what is cooked for dinner, or how the children behave.

I feel so powerless and weak I have nothing to look forward to , I do not know when I gave up having dreams did it happen all at once or…

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