When I walk in the moon light

And there is no one in sight

I look at the shadow in front of me

Wondering if it is a different being

It looks so beautiful and strong

Making it’s way through the hurdles so long

And I am walking along the road side

Thinking about my whole life

And my dreams are flying like a kite

And when I see my shadow

I decide

That I’m not going to give up

Without a fight.

Darkened Mind

Darkened Mind
Dreams are those of humankind,
To display the fears within the mind.
Dark visions within the mist,
Pounding your skull like an iron fist.
Fingers grip an untold pain,
As the dreams turn your mind insane.
White rooms and hellish screams,
Blood flowing from padded beams.
To form the words you often find,
Within the child’s darkened mind.


I am blessed to be alive

I am blessed to work and strive.

I am blessed to breath and talk.

I am blessed to move and walk.

I am blessed to have a child,

A baby boy who is cute and wild.

He comforts me with all his joy,

And he will always be my boy.

I am blessed to help others,

Especially those like me who are

Lonely mothers.

I am blessed to dance, jump, and sing

I am blessed to do almost anything.

Thank you God for blessing me.
Happy birthday to my little monkey boy 

Ocean Love

Oceanic Love dewy
LOVE makes Ocean 

The Ocean,

Or it is waves, 



And crabs,

It is not rivers, 

And lakes that

Makes an Ocean.

BUT from the ocean sprouts rivers,

Flowing and creeping to the peaks of LOVE.

Being an ocean you are just a drop.

When Tears Hurt

When Tears Hurt
Sitting back gazing into the night,

Tears softly silde down my face after another fight.
I know you love me,

Or at least that’s the words you say,

Why does our nights always end up this way.

Clenching my pillow tight,
Praying to god everything will be alright.
I know that love,

Isn’t supposed to feel this way,
Hurting each other to the point,

We both feel like running away.

Unknowingly, Time Laspes Quickly

Time elapses so quickly.

Like the time between

A baby’s first smile

And the day you give

Her hand to another

Who loves her as much

As you do, with all they have.

Time isn’t there for us

To question or measure.

It is given as a way

To measure our lives.

What we’ve done,

who we’ve shared

our souls and hearts with.

Time like life and love

are over so quickly.

Take time to love,

Love to take time before

there’s nothing to be measured.

Lighting the darkness

Life and love through all eyes,

So different, 

So real.

Dreams of life drifting by us,


Life without love, 


Love without life,


The beauty of the two

Is priceless together.

Like the moon and the stars

They need each other

To share the sky

In the darkest of times.

To lead the way for all.

Glaring up at that one


Radiant star

Finding those dreams of life

With love, 

And love

With such life in it

That it alone could

Light up the night sky




In a unique or symbolic value rejoice,


Victorian atmosphere.

Entertainment when choosing a voice;


The area of diamond,

Remembers thee say;


Orlando is geared four C’s:




Towards families,

And cut,

Clarify and bow,


Both Disney and color.

Carat is now;


Universal offer family thee weight of thee today,


Oriented shows for diamond,

Cut is today.

Does anybody even notice

Does anybody even notice
That I’m just standing here waiting for the world to end 

When you look around 

What do you see? 

When you in the mirror? 

All I see is me 

A sad girl looking for some friends 

Who no one pays attention to 

Who will bring the end 

If you noticed, 

If you cared you would see a horizon coming 

But you won’t turn around 

And you won’t see no matter who wills it all

 I see is me

I Refuse To Go Down

I Refuse To Go Down
You know, looking back on my life; there is over a million things,
That you would think I would of wanted to change.
But now that I look back on it,
I would not have changed one thing!
For I have learned the hard way,
That if I did not go through what I have,
I would not be who I am today!
If I had to go through all the abuse again,
Seeing all the blood and tears, I’d gladly do it again
I know alot of you must think I am insane,
But without the bad, you can’t have the good.
Everything I have been through,
Is the same as most serial killers have been through,
The only difference between me and them are,
I have a very strong willed soul.
I guess I refused to let my experiences get to me,
And twist me insane, rather I chose to become;
A stronger person inside!