I miss you

I miss you

The glass is cold

On my window,

As I stare out into the Cool,

Autumn sunset.

It should not,

I Think, have ended

Like this;

Should Not have been over

Without even a Goodbye kiss.

My love,

My darling

My best friend

And Knower of all my Secret sins,

You Shall be so sorely Missed.

I sigh.

With a tear from

The window I Turned away.


DaydreamDays are forever

For me here.

Sitting in a daze

Thinking of there.

The scenery surrounding

My mind, 

Protecting me.

My thoughts run so deep

Of this faraway place.

At times it’s like

I’m almost there.

With the smell of the water,

Fresh air against my skin.

Forever doesn’t seem as long

When I remember “there”


Follow Advice,

 Not the person….

Learn to harmonize with diversion.

Seek knowledge for growth, 

Not gain…

Expand your capacity to obtain.

Your heart won’t always agree with your mind…

Believe in your instinct, 

Or be left behind.

Never let go of what’s important to you…

Have faith in yourself, in all that you do.

Beauty lies in the strength of your soul…

Ignoring desire will take it’s toll.

Break free of anything that holds you back…

Observe your behavior to see where you lack.

Approach the world with forgiving honesty…

Contemplate the meaning of everything you see.

Have patience with those who risk being honest and open…

Sometimes hearing, means listening to the unspoken.