Assalaamualaikumwar ahmatullahwabara katahu: Someone who can run on coffee and leftovers, Have a lap that can hold five children at one time, Have a kiss that can cure everything from a scraped knee to a broken heart, And she can do everything with only two hands, A woman heals herself when she is sick, Work 18 hours a […]


There are words I’ve left unspoken

For there are no words 

To say I know what it is to be broken 

Had pieces of me swept away 

The day to day keeps coming 

My struggle may never end 

I have found no way of numbing 

The holes that can not mend 

Still I keep my smile 

And hold my head up high 

Some things are still worth while 

So day by day I try 

And as each new sun rises I try my best to bare 

The good and bad surprises 

That no one else will share 

So the words I’ve left unspoken 

They take me through each day 

With my dream completely broken 

What more is there to say.

Tears Within

Tears Within
Feelings of all kinds
Linger within me, the tears deep
Within reach beyond
Any feeling or expression.
They are there to remind me of my
Weaknesses, my sorrows,
The happiness of life
And the joy it brings.
They arise at times
Out of no where,
For reasons unknown.
They linger, all the time deep
Within my spirit
Just waiting for the time
To be needed.
Tears, life’s little
Expression from within
That glistens from without.