Unknowingly, Time Laspes Quickly

Time elapses so quickly.

Like the time between

A baby’s first smile

And the day you give

Her hand to another

Who loves her as much

As you do, with all they have.

Time isn’t there for us

To question or measure.

It is given as a way

To measure our lives.

What we’ve done,

who we’ve shared

our souls and hearts with.

Time like life and love

are over so quickly.

Take time to love,

Love to take time before

there’s nothing to be measured.

Lighting the darkness

Life and love through all eyes,

So different, 

So real.

Dreams of life drifting by us,


Life without love, 


Love without life,


The beauty of the two

Is priceless together.

Like the moon and the stars

They need each other

To share the sky

In the darkest of times.

To lead the way for all.

Glaring up at that one


Radiant star

Finding those dreams of life

With love, 

And love

With such life in it

That it alone could

Light up the night sky

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