Silhouetted against the sky azure
The white roses majestically stand;
Their creator none but a magic wand
For all creatures big or small they lure.
And their complexion the purest of pure
But accursed to grow only on private land;
And thrive only when given a hand
By someone who is willing to endure.
Adorned in white ,a beauty,heavenly dame
Like the rays of the mighty sun;
This reverie of mine was painfully broken
When upon a beheaded stalk I came.
And suddenly in my mind echoed a shot of gun
I remembered I was on earth not in heaven.


My One and Only

My One and Only

If I could tell you how I really feel,

Life would be so much better.

If you only knew the true

Depth of the feelings in my burning heart,

Maybe you would see.


I know,

I”m thorn in your hide,

And then I get lost

And trapped in those deep brown black eyes.

This inconsequential piece is just to let you know,

That the affections

That burn so hot and deep in you are equally felt by me;

Even if I never say so.

Casino Nights

Casino Nights
Bells ringing,
Music singing,
People dancing on the floor.
Winning games,
Losing games,
Your money is no more.
What to tell your wife,
When you lied before?
My money is no more.
Kids’ education,
Along with all our future vacations,
I gambled it all away.
Understand that I was trying to hit
That million dollar jackpot
For the kids!