Feeling Pain

Feeling Pain

As I live throughout the night to the day,

I wonder why you treated me this way,
Why you made me cry the tears I’ve cried,

And I still don’t understand the reasons why,
The reasons, obviously,

Are very bad,
Because of those tears,

I’ve gotten very mad,

Mad at the person I see in the mirror now,

I don’t even know how,
But inside my head I feel so insane,

Deadly thoughts are running through my brain,

My emotions may seem very empty,

It’s because of all this pain and misery,
That you’ve caused me,

Acting so mediocre,

Now you’re probably wondering what I’m going to say,
Well, I’m not going to tell you,

You know what I should do,
I should just make us over,

But that I won’t do,
I’ll just make you feel the pain that I was put through.