You gave me life

After nine months of wandering

You gave me happiness when you smiled your loving smile

You helped me up when I fell down

And stayed there to listen

When my world was spinning around

You watched me grow

Year by year you let me know what life was all about

And all the happy times we’ve shared together

I’ll never forget as long as I live…

I’m glad that God gave you to me to be…

My Mother…..

I love you


Time elapses so quickly.
Like the time between
A baby’s first smile
And the day you give
Her hand to another
Who loves her as much
As you do, with all they have.
Time isn’t there for us
To question or measure.
It is given as a way
To measure our lives.
What we’ve done,
Who we’ve shared
Our souls and hearts with.
Time like life and love
Are over so quickly.
Take time to love,
Love to take time before
There’s nothing to be measured.


GraduationWhen I graduate in June

I will be so proud of myself,

Because I lifted a lot of weight off myself to get to my diploma soon.

I’ve had a lot of supporters in my life that have gotten me this far,

And Im hoping that I can save up afterwards to get me a car.

On my graduation a piece of my heart will be left out,

Because my mother won’t be here because

She’s in heaven somewhere out and about.

I will make her proud though, and I will send her a sign,

That I will make her happy down here

And her heart will always be in mine.





Time goes by

Suddenly you find a year gone by

Sometimes it crawls so endlessly

You think that it will never be

Take the time to think and see

What the world is going to be

It may sometimes go fast or slow

As time for us is not to know

No More Storms

No More Storms

The clouds came rolling into our lives.
Just like a clap of sudden thunder,
They took you away from me.
The lightning struck at our hearts and split them into little pieces.
The downpour came from falling tears.
The sun would be slow at breaking through the days of torrential rain
The rays would take their time reaching the drenched soil of life.
But as the seasons changed, the tide turned
As spring blossoms broke, so would the healing.
As the crocus broke the blanket of snow
Your hand reached out in forgiveness.
As the daffodil smiled your face glowed with knowledge of coming home.
By the time the tulip awakes,
The world will know
When the lily shines through you will be home
And there will be no more storms. 










It was spring

It was spring
We were together
For the last time that year
By the time I see you
I knew
You’d have forgotten me
I missed you already
As I gave you that last hug
I knew you where leaving
And though you’ll be back soon
You will never return
I do not know you anymore
For we have lived apart


Life is like a journey through the river.

No one knows how smooth and long it can run for.

For some it can go down stream or too fast.

For some life is a never ending 

Journey throughout the river,

You never know where it can lead to.