I Wave to the Wind

I Wave to the Wind
I wave to the wind, 

She brushing through the hand, 

Gone March’s willowing green. 

I wave to the breeze, 

She whispering by the ears, 

Gone July’s cicada tunes. 

I wave to the wind; 

She zipping away, 

A full street of skirts sway! 

I wave to the wind,

 Hails grazing the face, 

Gone another phase.

On dreamability…

On dreamability….

We dream the dream-able dream, 

You and I 

We Seek it in the false blue sky 

We want it so, 

Me and you, 

So that we can moan about it not coming true. 

But the dream must be had, 

Or it must be sought 

If it can’t be borrowed, 

It must be bought 

From the unread book, 

Hid in the often read title, 

From the 20 second trailer, 

Or the morals in the Quran 

From the misty wishful thought of the past from the bold and beautiful that no dream can outlast from fashionable issues, 

And phonetic views and the righteous indignation on the evening news from the period romances,

The ‘if only. . .’ 

Phase from the sunshine that visits the branded sunscreen on my face 

The dream thus bought 

Must then be downloaded, 

On this screen 

Because to be a writer, 

That’s yet another All Original Dream

I Pretended Not To Notice

I Pretended Not To Notice

I pretended not to notice the color
Of his eyes; or the way he would
Glance past me when I caught him
Looking at me.
I pretended not to notice when his eyes
Promised me the stars.
I pretended not to notice the joy
Apparent in his eyes at the sight of
His child asleep next to me.I pretended not to notice when his eyes
Noticed someone else.

I pretended not to notice the
Disappointment in the eyes looking
Back at me from my mirror.

I pretended not to notice those eyes
Filled with tears.

I pretended not to notice…..

Because my
Soul could take no more.


Lost stones gleamed written with wetness 

Water wrapped me 

And I was released by the moonlight 

Every pain erased 

I was blank seemed my soul 

Had left my body in the shallow pool of death

 I was gone lost in the black everything became dark 

My eyes blinked to reveal my once blue eyes had left me 

And given me the devil’s black soul

I was unreachable death had taken me


I’m trying to forget you

 I’ve tried to forget the memories 

But I’ve found as hard as can 

I try to open my heart to release you 

I’ve found my heart is still locked 

And you hold the key

But I don’t want it back

Mon Mari

Mon Mari

What dire steadfast from love causes sprigs,

I sing-

This verse to Brian! 

It is due:


Even God himself may vouchsafe to view.

Slight is the subject, 

But not the praise,

That he inspire to stealing my virginal haze.

Say what strange motive, 

My God! 

Could compel,

A well-bred man to attract this shy belle?

That is: 

What stranger cause, 

Yet unexplored,

Could make this virgin not reject, 

My lord?

In his tasks so bold, 

And I still did so engage,

And in soft news dwells such our wonderful love rage.

So I through white curtains shot timorous ray,

And opened were my eyes that most eclipse day.

Moments within was created a gift of nine months shake,

But now sleepless lovers, 

By choice, 

Lay awake.

Bound were two hearts;

 A baby came to ground,

And we pressed together to hear the joyous sound.


By soft transition, 

We prepare

From earthly vehicles to life’s new air

Dream Out Loud

Dream Out Loud
The sun is dark 

The stars are in thrown recklessly in front of me 

Time isn’t I call out your name 

But only the moon can reply 

I lay on the sky where only thoughts of you 

Fill me images of others 

Fly on by while I stay thinking of you