No one listens to me when I speak !

No one hears me when I shout!

I have no doubt that I will not be missed ,

what is the point of fighting when I am all alone ?

I have no place to call home,I am no rolling stone 

I do not like to roam ,I am rootless and so alone 

surrounded yet lonely no one sees my pain


no one sees my tears or hears my fears  


Why Bother?

Why do I bother ? 

Why do I wake up and struggle every day seems to me there must be a easier way .

All I feel is pain and hurt even my dreams are filled with despair !

Why am I the only one who cares ?

Why do I keep trying to repair my mind it’s broken 

There is no fixing it , I’d be better off dead, then I wouldn’t be a burden or a stress and I’d be one less thing people to worry about.

No one really needs me and my broken brain to worry about.

All I do is drag everyone in my life down into this deep dark hole filled with doubt despair , loneliness and sadness

I am a huge mess 

sorrow pain depression

I want to cry

I want to die 

I am sick of being in pain 

I feel alone and ignored 

Like I am tucked away and Forgotten 

My pain is strong my body is weak my mind I must speak

I wanna go home 

I am tired and no longer want to roam 

I wanna go home 

But I have no home 

I was born while on a roam 

I am all alone 

Being pulled In

Depressed , Frustrated ,Annoyed, crying not sleeping at all !

My brain is broken I can’t learn arabic and I swing in moods !

Moods cycling alot more rapidly my head is spinning around!

Help me I am falling 



                                   Down under the ground 

Down under the depression depression has come around and sucked me back into the black murky quirky quicksand of murky mud and gray fogs lined in doubt and sorrows with no ways to tommorrow  

Ramblings of a mood swing low

when I am depressed I don’t care about myself I don’t brush my teeth or hair , I don’t change my underwear I just don’t care so why bother!

All I want to do is hid in the dark and cry , I just stare blankly at the ceiling my mind is broken beyond repair medication won’t fix it all medications do is make me feel nothing numb like a zombie . I try and try and all I can accept and do is cry , sometimes I wonder why don’t I just die wouldn’t everyone else just be better off if they didn’t have to deal with me and my messed up shit of a broken brain and all that it drains out of everyone?