This is my love

This is my love


They are on earth

My love has just awaken

This chill around and goose pimple all over

I am in love…

Oh I am in love

Always knew them by love songs

Felt they only live in love stories

As the breeze touches me so special

I knew love is more than all

My heart beats as the phone sings

His voice takes oceans over oceans

This longing for moments to be together

And they go so fast like it’s he first time

I regret, 

Why did I waited so long

Should have been in love since I remember me

This is my world…

This is my life…

And this just my love…


When I Woke Up
I woke up to an empty space
That place where I would see your face
The pillow cold, the covers neat
Our big old dog lay at my feet…
…Waiting for me to get up.

I got up to an empty space
I made my coffe in the same old place
Your cup sits empty in the cupboard there
On the counter some breakfast we used to share…
…I cannot eat.

I walked out to an empty space
I drew a smile upon my face
But deep inside my heart would cry
Sometimes so bad I thought I’d die…
…and I do.


Passage of Time

Passage of Time
Oh, future time of mystery, 

Where darkness lurks and shadows creep. 

A pool of murky, eluded worlds, 

Veiled behind the hidden sea. 

Oh, future time which all will seek, 

With heavy hearts we turn to thee. 

The past, the present still to mourn, 

What joys and sorrows do you keep? 

Oh, righteous fate where do you lead? 

We ride upon your gallant steed. 

Within the boundaries of time and space, 

You point us where we cannot see.

Melodic Dreams

Melodic Dreams
I still remember times long, long ago, 

Of light, green grass, 

And clouds all softly white. 

The nightingale’s sweet voice led dreamer’s soul, 

And pale moon shined her face all through the night. 

The hills were painted yellow by the dawn, 

With marigolds and daffodils in bloom. 

They sang to me their blissful, joyous song, 

My heart sang back my merry, carefree tune. 

And now I sit within these concrete walls, 

That bar that joyful past from present day. 

My heart hears not the song of dusky halls,

 I wonder if to sing, this is the way. 

My spirit wanders dreams of singing hills, 

My soul will cling to melancholy trills.



God’s kingdom 

I see before mine eyes, 

A vision, 

A glimpse of paradise, 

Where souls walk hand in hand in love,

 Enemies here,

 But friends above 

Where all is good, 

Pure, and true, 

Cleansed of all the sins they knew. 

God is the master, father, friend, 

And every knee shall surely bend. 

Thank you,

 Lord, for giving me 

An idea of what is to be.


Watching as you leave 

I stand at the door 

Hoping to see your smile 

Waiting for the one 

Special moments that fly by 

Memories that will remain 

Never knowing what is next 

Never see what lies in wait 

Never realizing what was there 

Until it is gone 

Watching you while you lie beside me 

Waiting until you open your arms to me 

Never ceasing to be in awe of you

 I will remain faithful and true

A Soul Undecided

A Soul Undecided
I look into my eyes 

Cant help but to cry 

Why cant you tell that they’re not my own 

The girl I see in the reflection 

Who could she be 

Am I her 

Or is she me 

Or perhaps 

I am not meant to be 

Maybe shes here for a reason 

To take over my life and call it her own 

Or perhaps 

I’m the one taking hers 

Maybe I’m just an onlooker 

All I know is that these eyes are not mine 

When I look into them I cant help but cry 

I see a soul torn between two worlds 

Which will it choose Reality or fantasy

Sentimental Day

Sentimental Day
If only I understood 

If only the world were simpler 

If only life made sense 

I would be able to succeed 

There would be no hate, 

No anger I wouldn’t be so confused 

If only a heart were less complex 

If only I were a stronger person 

If only the right thing was easy 

All the if only’s in the world won’t help 

But I still have to try to live, 

To understand, 

To succeed

None knows

None knows
Sing me a song…

Sing to my soul
Sooth my heart…

Take me away
Say you love me…

Say it to my soul
So many reasons..

Why I love this world
Why this breeze keep touching me
Why this moon hides behind clouds
I wish if you knew ..

And tell me
So I would watch them..

Like I watch you
Rain drops inthe backyard on me
Roses blossom in the garden for me

Why would it happen..,

Would you tell me

So I will keep them mine..

Like you
Is it love..

If so where is it taking me
Is it going to last forever..

I wish so

Why does it all happen…

I guess neither I know…

Nor you
To say all my gratitude
To whom shall I say all my gratitude
To this world,

Told me truth and lies

To my loved ones,

 Who showed me all

To whom shall I say all my gratitude
Was it an endless journey or a deep ocean

Still to see..

Where it all ends.

Times shows it all..

Crib to the crunches

The pain..


Love and sex
To whom shall I say all my gratitude

To that womb brought me here

To the fathers whom me and friends never saw

To whom shall I say all my gratitude

I am at the top of the hill

I am in the deepest ocean

To finally say all my gratitude

To whomever all that belongs to..