Love hurts

My heart beats within

all through it lives without

Love the one thing I need most

It hurts but yet I live

to live without love and I ponder

Why bother to live at all?

Nothing makes sense

Nothing matters

It’s the one true thing that makes me happy

But also the one thing that always seems to cut at my heart with a dull knife

in the face of god whose only goal in life is to do such a thing

And then my tears do fall

down the face that so wants

to be touched by masculine hands

That long to do so then

I wake and see him

Dua : a poem and a prayer

Diary of a Revert Muslimah

Please take a moment to relax your mind and humble
your heart to focus on
ALLAH (Almighty GOD). Allow Allah, to occupy your
mind while you read this
DUA.If we can
take the time to read long jokes, stories, etc.,we
should give the same
respect to this DUA (Prayer). Friends that pray
together, stay together.
Let’s pray…
OH ALLAH, I thank You for this day. I thank You for
my being able to see and
to hear this morning.I’m blessed because You are
forgiving and understanding
Oh Allah. You have done so much for me & You keep on
blessing me. Forgive me
this day for everything I have done, said or thought
that was not pleasing
to you. I ask YOU now for Your forgiveness. Please
keep me safe from all
danger and harm.
Help me to start this day with a new attitude and

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You gaze upon me blindly, not seeing the truth.
You see me for what I am not.
I am not like her.
The wings that held me up once were torn by emotion.
My eyes, amber velvet turned opaque green by tears.
My face, once radiant and smiling, now somber and weary by hatred.
This pain stamped an emotional burn upon my life.
Look at me; open your eyes to the sunshine that forever awaits.
A chained heart, sealed with eternal pain…
Breaking the shattered illusion where life was bliss.
Seeing the sun through the mist, through dark clouds…
Shackled forever to this misery, to this hatred.
Old wounds disturbed once again…

Fade To Black

You used to hear her mangled call
But now she’s hollow inside
Filled up with drugs and alcohol
And drained of all her pride

As good times always seem to fall,
And memories go out with the tide
Her cares and feelings grow so small
And her soul becomes fates bride

She tried to get ahead in life,
But now she’s lost her mind
She used to have a conscience
But dignitys gone blind

She gave her whole life away
To those who can’t give back
And now she’s left with nothing
Stuck in a world that faded black

Forever Not Yours

Your presence graces my dreams
I reach for you as you drift away
Your stare is full of comfort, so peaceful
I find solace in your arms
I sit on the windowsill, writing
Anticipating your embrace, your soft smile
Yet I am jaded in your love
I am left behind in the dust
I cannot get up to run away
Your love shackles me, it’s a weight tied
So heavy around my ankles
It prevents me from running
But my acidic tears burn the shackles away
And I am free once again
I will not succumb to your sweet imprisonment
I will not surrender to your pacifying touch
I will not be enticed by your corruptive love
I will not be broken again


I see the lights on the ceiling.

I see the stars in the lights.

I see the what we once had, and what we

You see the curtains draped in front of me.

You see the sun come up alone.

You want to show me just what you can see,

and I, I turn away.

You hear my words, you hate my words, I

hate you too.

I look right at your eyes, I look right

through your eyes.

I change conversation thought for you…

I throw a look that you can’t catch from

far behind, and you, you turn away.

But don’t feel bad ’cause you do to me all

the things I do to you…

On A Lonely Road

On a lonely road
We’ll travel,
We’ll travel it on a dark stormy night.
We’ll travel it without light!
Oh we’ll travel it in the moonlight!
We’ll travel this lonely road
to it’s happy endings.
Every lonely road has a happy ending.
Sometimes the lonely road seems endless for some of us.

Forever and Always

No matter what happens in life
No matter were we wand up in life
Or Apart
You will always have a special place in my heart
You will forever and always be a true and dear friend to me
Even if we never fall in love
Or If we split apart
You will always be remembered in my heart as someone Who cared?
Some one who was true and honest?
And someone I could trust
Someone who never hurt me
And liked me for me
You are a true friend
I hold my true friends
Near and dear to my heart
If fate and life pulls us apart
We’ll always be remembered in my heart
And if our hearts are true and dear I’ll be seeing you.

Make A Prayer

Make A Prayer

O people
In a hut made of tin and clay
A small boy dreams away
Of clean water and a meal a day
And not to fear mines as he plays each day
O people
Somewhere dark and out of the way
Aids has found yet another prey
To save his life he just couldn’t pay
Tell me what we’re going to do
For our brothers in Durban
For our sisters in Darfur
Show me what we’re going to do
Are we just going to sit there?
Nice and cosy on our armchairs
Will we not even make a prayer?