Intended On Fasting but Missed out

don’t be to hard on yourself Allah had a reason for you to not fast and you are also nursing a baby

Diary of a Revert Muslimah

As Salam Alikum

I intended on fasting today , but it’s not to be and I’m not sure what happened all I know is it happened and for hat I can’t beat myself up about it.

Yesterday evening I went to bed with the intention to fast but between then and this morning it just didn’t happen.

Fasting is not easy for me , it’s not the going without food part that I have a hard time with to be honest it’s the going without water part , I drink water all day long vast amounts of water once I kept track and it was around 2 gallons of water from the time I got up till I went to sleep,

I have a baby still nursing , and teething he woke several times fussing and maybe that contributed to it I’ll never really know I woke up after the…

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seven beauty lessons I learned from my grandmother.

Keira Lennox

My Nan was a true beauty, inside and out. Full of kindness and grace, she had a way of making everyone around her feel important and loved. She taught me all the best things about being a lady, and while I resisted her beauty advice as a stubborn messy-haired adolescent, I embrace as a (still messy-haired) woman approaching her 30s.

Here are seven of the most important beauty rules I picked up from Betty Jean:

Keep your skincare routine simple. Nan’s medicine cabinet was always stocked with a gentle cleanser and Oil of Olay beauty fluid. She didn’t bother with overhyped anti-aging products or expensive department store brands; she knew what worked for her skin and stuck with it for decades. Through years of cosmetics experimentation, I’ve found that my skin is at its best with just a few natural, paraben-free products with sun protection (more on that in…

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To look inward and see the darkness there,
To be aware that my soul is bared.
The only thing in life I see
Is the world looking down upon me
From this nightmare I must awake,
Before my soul , they finally take