The Wise Moter

Diary of a Revert Muslimah

I read this and just had to share:

My husband and I disagreed about something. I did what I have always done when I had a difference of opinion with someone… I called my Mum. Before I could even finish my sentence, she asked me if I had prayed about it yet. Before I could respond, she told me that she would not allow me to…call her and complain about my husband to her, nor would she allow me to discuss our arguments/disagreements with her. I sat there stunned. Then she said something that has stuck with me for a very long time. “My daughter, the thing is,because you love him the way you love him, when the argument is over it’s over. But, I don’t love him the way you love him, and it would be far too easy for me to pick up a grudge…

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