Gentle Introspection

Gentle Introspection
You don’t want to be mine..
To always keep and hold.
Now what can I do

But spend some time being alone.
To avoid rejection

One can sit and do nothing..

Nothing asked so nothing denied

How long can someone wait..

So patiently.
Where is the knowing if all

Our desires can be met in a lifetime
Or is it just better

To let them all go?
Because trying too hard..

Has set me alight
And controlling doesn’t work anymore.

My heart in this darkness
Holds but one flame of truth.

A truth that flickers through this all.
There was never such a thing

As a perfection outside of me.
I only needed to realise….


Do you Love!

Do you Love!

Do you Love the way you smile

Do you Love the sky so blue

Do you Love the deep blue sea

Do you Love the winter so cold

Do you Love the summer so hot

Do you Love the tree so green

Do you Love,

Love it self!