I am your shadow
You can hear my footsteps
Echoing softly behind you
Sometimes I may glance at your fiery eyes
But it’s rare that I’m ahead of you
I walk many steps behind
Because I’ve fallen
And no one was there to help me up
So I walk in humble silence
Ideally my footprint fits into yours
And lest you turn around
And throw a careless glance
At the earth that you tread upon
You won’t see any trace of my footprints
Because you’re too wrapped up
In your own thoughts; oblivious to me
One day my footsteps will overlap yours
And you’ll realize it
And you’ll be my shadow

Searched The Light


السلام عليكم  ورحمة  الله  وبركاته

بارك  الله  فيكم

My Expression "Searched the light" My Expression “Searched the light”

She walked in

life vein

She saw around

only the darkness.

Her life road

was not straight

the sharp pebbles had

blocked her journey.

She fell into the depth of misery

She crawled

to back to her path

searched the light.

Now, she can see

She can see her light

from a far

She tries to hold it so eagerly.

She hopes it’ll be

much brighter than

the sunlight

and can brightened

her path.

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Surrounded by Depressed Fog

I weep my heart out 

no one cares

slowly I have fallen 

down into the gray blackness of


anguishing for hours 

can barely left my head 

dragging  myself through the days 

I  paste  on a mask and hope none sees through

my pain is always bubbling up, just beneath; 

never rising  

I hide the tears and fears 

depression slowly pulls me down 

lower  than the darkest hour 

I cry out to Allah to give me relief from the never ending battle

I am bone weary how much longer must I fight against this losing battle 

I have fought for years and nothing ever changes 

the struggles of depression makes me forget how to smile or laugh

I feel like a big damp cold colorless fog holds onto me



escape from depression — a poem

The Independent Pigeon

those pinpoint dreams turn into an unfocused eye test

with broad strokes, and a blur of indecipherable colour

once experienced, turns into the mundane

once wondrous, now a bore

i lay breathing gently, unable to unable to

string my thoughts together, to crush the uneasy rebellion

of repetition, of repetition, of repetition, of repetition

until the apathy fades to sharp pangs of agony and longing and elucidated eternal truth

of crushing sadness and disappointment

so i double back, and take a different exit

and here it comes

the repetition, the repetition, the repetition, the repetition

a small blossom, brings a curled smile

to a howling laughter that clears my belly

and plants the seeds for the spring

where the hazy colours sharpen sharpen


crystal happiness

and the pangs of immemorial sadness turn into a trite experience

of a past belonging to another

sadder me

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