Through the valley of pain,

I walk alone
Tears drop like rain,

All the way

Why did you leave me alone…?
I ran behind the God of death

Couldn’t find your lovely face
Where you,

My love…?

My heart pains so much,

So lost

I want to see you again,

My love
Never told you,

How much I love you
Loosing my breath,

I am falling
Through the hills,

Dark feilds
I couldn`t live alone



Silently she screams
Running from glowing hope
Sinking back into the mire
She allows to steal her soul.
She grasps the bedrails
Violently looking behind her
At the nothingness
She has birthed with her fear.
A memory attacks her
And her tears flow
At the absurdity of
Fleeing from happiness.
She dries her tears
And paints her smile
Conditions her laugh
And glances in the mirror.
No one hears her silent cries.

Surrounded by Depressed Fog

I weep my heart out 

no one cares

slowly I have fallen 

down into the gray blackness of


anguishing for hours 

can barely left my head 

dragging  myself through the days 

I  paste  on a mask and hope none sees through

my pain is always bubbling up, just beneath; 

never rising  

I hide the tears and fears 

depression slowly pulls me down 

lower  than the darkest hour 

I cry out to Allah to give me relief from the never ending battle

I am bone weary how much longer must I fight against this losing battle 

I have fought for years and nothing ever changes 

the struggles of depression makes me forget how to smile or laugh

I feel like a big damp cold colorless fog holds onto me



Great sorrows of no tomorrow’s 

I am alone, without a voice or vision

I have great sorrows and greater regret in all the  missed tomorrow’s 

Yesterday’s pasts repeat themselves with awful images running through my head 

clouds blur my eyes and I don’t feel well,

 my heart’s in anguish dark on the round my tears tumble down from above, 


on the ground there isn’t

 a thousand new tears; 

I have  never seen such griefs 

my heart has shattered 

into a thousand tiny shards of sapphire blue diamond cloaked in ruby red stained tears shredded of all my life’s blissful dreams and the hopes of all the days,

Dark midnight blue of storms immense, in my own eyes