Treatment Towards Parents

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Our parents are a great blessing for us. islam encourages good treatment towards parents. The Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) always stressed the importance of kindness to parents.

Once a man approached the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and asked “Oh messenger of Allah! Of all people with whom should I have the best relationship?” The Holy Prophet replied, “Your mother.” The man enquired the second time, “And then who?” The holy Prophet replied, “Your mother.” The man asked a third time, and the Holy Prophet replied, “Your mother.” The man asked a fourth time and the Holy Prophet replied “Then your father.”[Bukhari, Muslim]

Our beloved Holy Quran has taught us to treat our parents with kindness in their old age. The Holy Quran states:

“Oh my lord! Have compassion on my parents in their old age, as they brought me up loving when I was small.” 

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Great sorrows of no tomorrow’s 

I am alone, without a voice or vision

I have great sorrows and greater regret in all the  missed tomorrow’s 

Yesterday’s pasts repeat themselves with awful images running through my head 

clouds blur my eyes and I don’t feel well,

 my heart’s in anguish dark on the round my tears tumble down from above, 


on the ground there isn’t

 a thousand new tears; 

I have  never seen such griefs 

my heart has shattered 

into a thousand tiny shards of sapphire blue diamond cloaked in ruby red stained tears shredded of all my life’s blissful dreams and the hopes of all the days,

Dark midnight blue of storms immense, in my own eyes