Why Spring Depression and Anxiety?

Therese J. Borchard

spring blossomsI’ve always found it curious that more suicides happen in the spring than in any other season. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Center for Health Statistics, suicide rates are lowest in the winter months and highest in the springtime.

What’s so bad about April and May? The sun is out, winter coats have disappeared, people start throwing Frisbees, even our dogs are strutting down the streets with wide grins. Why the anxiety and depression?

1. The Shoulds

The pressure to be happy – it is a fast track to the Black Hole. You think since colleagues are whistling as they hold the door for you at work that you should whistle as well. Or at least WANT to whistle. It’s the comparison thing. It happens to me every year. The voices in my head sound like this: “Be happy. Be happy!!!! Everyone…

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Past Repeated

Past Repeated
A wind of burning pain brings back flooding memories.
Now it could not be saved; it couldn’t be taken back.
All that try to take back the past fail.
And yet it is still there, somewhere, though darkness swallows it.
But the darkness is shallow.
It cannot consume the pieces of shattered memories that once existed.
They still exist.
In my heart, as well as in yours.
Those memories shall live again…someday.

Growing Iman as a Convert


Converting to Islam does not come without difficulties. As converts we have to adapt to an entirely new and unfamiliar lifestyle including the way we dress, a new and structured moral system, praying five times per day in Arabic, possibly learning a different language, making new friends, changing the many beliefs we grew up with; the list can go on and on. On top of everything, not all but many reverts come from a background of little to no faith. So, while trying to incorporate all of these new concepts into our daily routines, we are simultaneously trying to grow our iman, our faith.

Many people come into the religion presuming that they will be at their strongest faith right after conversion. That’s not so true, mostly because Islam can be so overwhelming at first. After saying shahada, you life begins to change dramatically. I’ve talked to many converts who were…

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