Sleepless nights 

I am 

But a fading shadow 

never heard my silence eternal deep, dark-blue velvety 

without a doubt 

without a care 

no more  feeling of anger, 

no-more of sadness, 

good bye


Golden light shines through, 

the dark night skies, 

but nothing special is incomplete 

I seek and search out how holding out hope is but a hollowed valleys; 

deep dark waters run deeply never really reaching beyond all my other fears 

are quiet, forlorn.​ and feeble wanderings of all your foes, 

Quiet in anguish gasping on my breathless starless night, 

as when my tortured dreams haunt, 

and as a skill did the dreams dreadfully pulled me 

from slumber again to my very dismay

4 Ways to Let Go of Anger

Therese J. Borchard

octopus_drawing__painted_by_glory5641-d3180x1“Holding on to anger,” said the Buddha, “is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”

I don’t know about you, but I feel the venom coursing through my veins when I’m ticked off, tightening all my muscles, activating the sympathetic nervous system to prepare for the gorilla that is not about to attack me, and tagging my amygdala (fear center), saying, “You’re it!”

For me, anger can be a good thing, a sign that I’m alive and I’m invested in this world. I guess I’m feeling well enough lately that unkind remarks bother me more, things that I would have never cared about back when I was doing death math all the time, not paying attention to what came out of people’s mouths because my sole focus was on getting to the grave.

But holding on to resentment is no good either, the broken record that keeps…

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