Five day five photo challenge day five . Blessing of dirty dishes

Sara groaned as she  dipped her hands into the lukewarm water , she despised washing the dishes it was the never ending chore in her house, with fifteen or more people eating there was always a sink full of dirty dishes.

Cara stood next to Sara rinsing the dishes she didn’t understand why Sara hated washing the dishes …..

Cara remembered her mother saying be thankful for dirty dishes when she asked her ma why her mother replied if you have dirty dishes to wash it means you have food to eat. 

Cara was pulled out of her thoughts as Sara threw a handful of silverware into the rinse basin and splashed the water all over the front of Cara’s dress, now Cara would have to go and change clothes after she finished rinsing the dishes . Cara fished out the silverware and placed them into the dish rack slowly she turned and said thanks for the bath  Sara as she stomped out of the room .

Once in the bedroom she removed her wet dress and replaced it with a dry one then she looked out the window and released it was dark so dark she could barely see the sky.