Tears Within 

Tears Within

Feelings of all kinds

Linger within me, the tears deep

Within reach beyond

Any feeling or expression.

They are there to remind me of my weaknesses, 

My sorrows,

The happiness of life

And the joy it brings.

They arise at times

Out of no where,

For reasons unknown.

They linger, 

All the time deep

Within my spirit

Just waiting for the time

To be needed.


Life’s little expression from within

That glistens from without.

Life’s Warm Glow

If you’ve ever seen

A beautiful sunset

Then you know it’s

Not seeing its warmth,

But letting yourself

Dream and feel its glow.

It holds spirits, 


Memories that rekindle

Every time you’d find yourself

Drifting away into its

Magnificent glory.

A sunset is nothing

Short of a warm loving

Moment that you forget

About life and its sorrows, 

It’s shortcomings.

It’s there to remind us all

Of life’s treasures

And beauty.


Heartbreak is
Cold cruel gut wrenching
My stomach is in knots
My heart is bleeding red blood
As tears slowly well up……

Then tumble-down my face
Stop the pain !

Stop the pain!
I silently pray to Allah
I ask him

Why me!!

Why now must I always be in pain
My mind is numb

My heart no long feels,

It has been ripped out
Or stabbed with the invisible knife ,

That only I know and see
I silently beg for relief

I pray to Allah to care for my soul

Copyright ©2005 



So you see the tears, 

Flowing down my cheeks like a roaring ocean tide?

Do you see all the hurt, pain, 

And anger through my tears?
Do you see the little girl who only wants to be hugged,

 And loved through my tears?
Who do you see through my tears?
I’m  you on a dark, 

Lonely night when no one is there . . .
Silently you cry . . . 

Knowing deep in your heart,
You can get through this again, 

One more time.
You see tears bring courage, 


And wisdom.

A Well That Will Never Run Dry

The tears I cry are sad 
And lonely tears, filled with 
Heartbreaking pain and bitter fears 
Of what may not come to be. 
I stare out into the midnight 
Blue darkness that engulfs the 
Night of my soul and feel my 
Heart sink, so crestfallen inside 
That the world is not still 
Beautiful and green with life 
And love such as the love that 
Lies dormant and waiting in the 
Core of my soul’s heart. It loves 
Purely, faithfully, and forever all 
That ask the vows. This is the well 
That will never run dry, this is the 
Reason the distance makes me cry.

Forever Not Yours

Forever Not Yours

Your presence graces my dreams
I reach for you as you drift away
Your stare is full of comfort,
So peaceful
I find solace in your arms
I sit on the windowsill,
Anticipating your embrace,
Your soft smile
Yet I am jaded in your love
I am left behind in the dust
I cannot get up to run away
Your love shackles me,
It’s a weight tied
So heavy around my ankles
It prevents me from running
But my acidic tears burn the shackles away
And I am free once again
I will not succumb to your sweet imprisonment
I will not surrender to your pacifying touch
I will not be enticed by your corruptive love
I will not be broken again

Lost Babies

Life moves on days go by and all I do is cry
In the morning I awake my face stained with tears
My sheets drenched with tears
All I feel is pain and despair
I call at for my children only they are not there
Then I remember that my ex has stolen them away
The court gave them to him on the 23rd of January since then it has been like a living Nightmare only I can’t awake from it
I pray to Allah every day and night to keep them safe and bring them home soon

(I wrote this poem after losing a custody battle in 2006) 


Pain, pain go away
Please don’t come back another day.
Tears falling down my face
Oh how I wish for his warm embrace.

Wonder if he cares about me.
Wonder if this is suppose to be.
How can he stand there and break my heart
How did we allow us to grow so far apart?
My dreams of us being happy is not gonna come true
All I am feeling is down and blue.Pain, pain go away
Bring me back to another day
Where he loved me

We thought we were meant to be.

I will not stop loving you
That much is true
But I will be stronger in time
And not feel so blue.

You will always be in my heart
even when we are apart.
One day I will have that warm embrace
And tears will stop flowing down my face.

Pain, pain go away
Leave me alone, please don’t stay.