Hope Is Love

Filled with pain,

And joy,

The only thing in the world,

Burning your heart with milky feeling,

Blooming pain in my heart with happiness.

Hoping to hope to love,

Hoping my love would love me

Hoping to make love with my love.

Hope is love,

Between pleasure and pain,

Between hearts,

Between all and all,

Between minds.

Love Without Reason

 I love you without reason

I love you throught the seasons

Throught rain and shine

Blue skies and green trees and black seas 

Nothing can keep me from you

I will travel to the ends of earth and back agin just for you

Our souls are entwined 


Our hearts are already binded together

This is true love

This is forever love

The kind that comes only once in a life time

To infindy and beyond

To you and only you I give my heart

And my body

You have lighted a etenal f;lame

Just with you gentle words and kind spirit

You reached out to me in my hour of deepest need

For this i love you

My words cannot do justic to how much i love u

Ican’t express it with 26 letter

None with stars

I  love u forever always beyond more most to infindy I love you

(copyrighted 2005 )

Alabaster Dreams

Alabaster Dreams

In the transparent black night,
My pumpkin drives away
Over hills and out of sight
Off into the distance

In these timeless moments,
My glass slipper shatters
Sp l i n t e r s and s h a t t e r s
Into a million shards

Though the dancing was divine,
The ball is over now
And the clock has chimed a dozen times:
The enchantment has gone

Yet usurious of hope,

Like waves in a seashell
Waft leisurely through the air
For I know
My fairy godmother will come again


Blue Is…

Blue Is…

Blue is the ocean
Blue is the sky
Blue are the tear drops
People have cried.
Blue is a rain storm
Blue is a flavor
Blue is a summertime,
Moments I savior
Blue is a friendship
Blue is a feeling
A broken heart
That’s just begun healing
Blue is the earth
Blue are the stars
Blue’s all around us
This whole world of ours
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Don’t let them!!!

Don’t let them!!!

Don’t let them tear you down just because you are brown,
Don’t let them make you cry or make you want to die,
Don’t you dare hold your head down for that they would see they had bung you down.
Keep your head up child.
Don’t let them be the reason why you go home and cut yourself.
For that I would say,get out make it your day and love yourself!



When problems in life make you seem weak
That’s when you are most likely defeated.
But once you realize, there is a strength
In you that can not be weakened, that’s when
You see clearly and your path in life is deepened.
Don’t let any one or any thing choose your destiny,
Just trust in who you are and proceed accordingly.
You are strongest in your darkest hour,
So hang tough and believe in your power.
Power to control your own destiny and not settle for
Anything less than what you want your life to be.
Yes, this strength lies deep
Inside us all.
So, when you’re about to fall, take a step back,
Reflect on who you are and answer the call.

Illuminating Prayer

Illuminating Prayer

My prayer goes out to you
Praying that you are
Free from dis-comfort
Free from dis-ease.
May you be happy and healthy
Prosperous and wealthy
May all the dreams that
You want come true.
May you understand your role
In our world today
May you be strong and wise
Pray your troubles away.
These are times when
You must do your best
You’ve got to have it together
Success won’t accept less.
May you have countless blessings
Your whole life through
May you realize you’re loved
May God shine more light on you!

Help Us Lord

Help us, dear Lord.

We pray
To show the world the way
To conquer drink,



And greed.
Show us in your kindness how to succeed,
Then we can help each other when life is on the blink.
If you will only show us the proper way to think,
With your help behind us,

From you helping hand
We could surely make this a really Islamic  land.
This lovely world you gave us was for all to share:
People of every nation, wildlife everywhere.
It isn’t theirs or ours;

It is a gift from you
To be shared with all creation,

Our whole life through.
Loving one another,

Spreading peace across all lands:
People of every creed and denomination,

Holding hands,
Joining in the prayer,

For a better way.
Help us, dear Lord, we pray.

(Copyright ©2003 ) .