Dua To Allah 

Ya Allah, make me an ambassador of Thy PEACE,
That where there is hatred, 

I may bring Thy LOVE;
That where there is error,

 I may bring Thy TRUTH;
That where there is doubt, 

I may bring Thy FAITH;
That where there is despair, 

I may bring Thy HOPE;
That where there are shadows, 

I may bring Thy LIGHT;
That where there is sadness, 

I may bring Thy JOY.


Ya Allah


Ya Allah! 

Be with us at every step we take,

Ya Allah!

 Guide us in each decision we make,
Ya Allah! 

Help us when life gets rough,

Ya Allah!

Bless us with more than enough,

Ya Allah! 

Protect us when we fall,

Ya Allah! 

Hear us when we call,

Ya Allah! 

Soothe our heart when we don’t understand,



God’s kingdom 

I see before mine eyes, 

A vision, 

A glimpse of paradise, 

Where souls walk hand in hand in love,

 Enemies here,

 But friends above 

Where all is good, 

Pure, and true, 

Cleansed of all the sins they knew. 

God is the master, father, friend, 

And every knee shall surely bend. 

Thank you,

 Lord, for giving me 

An idea of what is to be.