Unity Peace

Unity Peace

Let there be peace on earth And let it begin with me.

 Let there be peace on earth 

The peace that was meant to be.

 With God as our Father 

Family all are we 

Let us walk with each other In perfect harmony. 

Let peace begin with me. 

Let this be the moment now With every step. 

I take Let this be my joyful vow 

To take each moment In peace eternally. 

Let there be peace on earth 

And let it begin with me 

Lets belive in God 

No matter what religions say 

Let there be peace on earth 

And let peace begin with me.

Dua To Allah 

Ya Allah, make me an ambassador of Thy PEACE,
That where there is hatred, 

I may bring Thy LOVE;
That where there is error,

 I may bring Thy TRUTH;
That where there is doubt, 

I may bring Thy FAITH;
That where there is despair, 

I may bring Thy HOPE;
That where there are shadows, 

I may bring Thy LIGHT;
That where there is sadness, 

I may bring Thy JOY.


Ya Allah


Ya Allah! 

Be with us at every step we take,

Ya Allah!

 Guide us in each decision we make,
Ya Allah! 

Help us when life gets rough,

Ya Allah!

Bless us with more than enough,

Ya Allah! 

Protect us when we fall,

Ya Allah! 

Hear us when we call,

Ya Allah! 

Soothe our heart when we don’t understand,



God’s kingdom 

I see before mine eyes, 

A vision, 

A glimpse of paradise, 

Where souls walk hand in hand in love,

 Enemies here,

 But friends above 

Where all is good, 

Pure, and true, 

Cleansed of all the sins they knew. 

God is the master, father, friend, 

And every knee shall surely bend. 

Thank you,

 Lord, for giving me 

An idea of what is to be.

Illuminating Prayer

Illuminating Prayer

My prayer goes out to you
Praying that you are
Free from dis-comfort
Free from dis-ease.
May you be happy and healthy
Prosperous and wealthy
May all the dreams that
You want come true.
May you understand your role
In our world today
May you be strong and wise
Pray your troubles away.
These are times when
You must do your best
You’ve got to have it together
Success won’t accept less.
May you have countless blessings
Your whole life through
May you realize you’re loved
May God shine more light on you!

Ya Allah..

Ya Allah..

I don’t know of all challenges my friends and family are facing…

But you know everything!!

I hear their silence,,you hear their pleading.. …

I see them laugh..u see their tears I see when they give..

You see what has been taken away from them..

I see their appearance,,

You see the scars in their soul

I experience their faith,

You know their doubts..

Today I ask you to give them everything they need and bless them abundantly for all times to come!!



Ya Allah!

Ya Allah!
Don’t take my soul until you are happy with me,
Ya Allah give me a death of Shaheed with ease.
Ya Allah give me death while I am in Sajdah.
Ya Allah let my last words be the Shahadah.
Ya Allah If I die in my sleep,
Let my heart beat the Dhikr of Allah.
Oh Allah!
The guider of souls forgive the Entire Ummah!
Ya Allah Forgive me, My Family,
My Parents and every one.

Make a Prayer

O people
In a hut made of tin and clay
A small boy dreams away
Of clean water and a meal a day
And not to fear mines as he plays each day
O people
Somewhere dark and out of the way
Aids has found yet another prey
To save his life he just couldn’t pay
Tell me what we’re going to do
For our brothers in Durban
For our sisters in Darfur
Show me what we’re going to do
Are we just going to sit there?
Nice and cosy on our armchairs
Will we not even make a prayer?

You might ask yourself
Why should I help these people?
They’ll tell you why
We’re not so different from you
We have dreams just like you
But they were buried with the
Bodies of our loved ones
O people
Are we deaf, dumb, and blind?
What is going through our minds?
Don’t we care for the rest of mankind?
O people
We claim to love peace and justice
Why do we preach what we don’t practice?
Let’s help them out of this darkness

Tell me what we’re going to do
For our brothers in Ethiopia
For our sisters in Rwanda
Show me what we’re going to do
Are we just going to sit there?
Nice and cosy on our armchairs
Will we not even make a prayer?

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