Her long, thick, shiny black hair
Fell against her back.
Her rich, copper skin
Gleamed in the sunlight.
Her slender figure outlined,
With her soft voluptuous curves.
But when she stepped outside,
She became a ghostly figure of the night.
Nothing more to the people
Than a dark, shadowy figure of oppression.
But she showed them.
As she walked down the street,
People made way,
Men lowered their gazes in utmost respect.
And others whispered,
As she held her head up high,
With pride in her belief
And showed them how oppressed she really was!
While they whistled at their women,
Looking them up and down as they were pieces of meat to be inspected?
She pitied their savage ways.
As she walked into the arms of her partner,
Her only love, Her husband.
Where she was transformed,
Into her beautiful self,
For only his eyes to see. 

Listen to me I will tell u some words
{islam}is the greatest thing in the whole world
keep u straightin ur life with no fold
if one day u fall it is the only 1will hold

the most important thing is to keep on praying
not all the day u have also time for playing
it will be ur tent when it is raining
will be ur cover when u are baring
try to be good and honest with others
treat people like sisters and brothers
helping them with smile not with a bother
helping a poor man then ask for another
ISLAM is coming,just wait for it
Start new life even bit by bit
Always remember ur god never forget
He always sees u whenever u go or went