God’s Promise

God’s Promise

Will I always be wandering in your world alone and lost?

Will I finally find what I’m searching for,

Will it come at too high a cost?

There are so many uncertainties so many burdens to bare

I close my eyes will you still be there?

When I’m walking along will I choose the right path?

If I stray too far can I ever turn back?

I reach up to the heavens with my arms stretched high

Will forgiveness be there when it’s my turn to die?

And just when I feel no more

I can take God grants me the promise he will never forsake.

Making Forevers. . . . 

Making Forevers. . . . .
Forever. . . . .

How is it measured?

In the smile of a child,

Or the laugh of a dear friend?

Is it the warmth of a loved ones arms

Holding us tight in the

Dark of the night, 

Or the tear

From a loving mothers sadness?

Forever. . . . .

When is “Forever” done?

Is it over when the child

No longer has a reason to smile?

Is it over when the dear friends

Laughs are no longer heard?

When the warmth of love is gone,

Is “Forever” done, 

Or is “Forever”

Done when the mothers sadness

No longer breaks her heart into?

Hearts Journey

To know I’ve helped you learn,

helping you make all the right turns.

What you decide will be right,

even if made in the deep of night.

Always trying to caring way to hear,

Will always save you from fear.

Never make yourself doubt,

Let your heart lead

You down the best route.

Even when you’re sad, too,

Know I’ve been there,

And I will always love

The both of you…….

Weeping Rainbow

Listening to the rain

Falling furiously from above,

He gives it eminent domain

To cleanse the earth.

Like weeping tears

From the eyes of angels

Washing away sorrows fears.

Raindrops, like crying

Washes souls for a time.

Only after the dying

Do we realize the angels

Tears where of joy.

Joy for the rainbow

Of life after the storms.

Ya Allah


Ya Allah! 

Be with us at every step we take,

Ya Allah!

 Guide us in each decision we make,
Ya Allah! 

Help us when life gets rough,

Ya Allah!

Bless us with more than enough,

Ya Allah! 

Protect us when we fall,

Ya Allah! 

Hear us when we call,

Ya Allah! 

Soothe our heart when we don’t understand,



When problems in life make you seem weak

That’s when you are most likely defeated.

But once you realize,

There is a strength in you that can not be weakened,

That’s when you see clearly and your path in life is deepened.

Don’t let anyone or anything choose your destiny,

Just trust in who you are and proceed accordingly.

You are strongest in your darkest hour,

So hang tough and believe in your power.

Power to control your own destiny

And not settle for anything less than what you want your life to be.

Yes, this strength lies deep inside us all.


When you’re about to fall,

Take a step back,

Reflect on who you are and answer the call.


Trust in him sometimes in life

We want what’s best

But we often forget,

Life is just a test

The life you live

It’s really not your own

It’s loaned to you from

God up above

So when life’s stresses try to creep in

Just look to heaven

And call on him

He’ll show you the road

To take so believe me

When I say it is no mistake

For he knows all about

What you are going through,

Just trust him

And do what he leads you to do.


Follow Advice,

 Not the person….

Learn to harmonize with diversion.

Seek knowledge for growth, 

Not gain…

Expand your capacity to obtain.

Your heart won’t always agree with your mind…

Believe in your instinct, 

Or be left behind.

Never let go of what’s important to you…

Have faith in yourself, in all that you do.

Beauty lies in the strength of your soul…

Ignoring desire will take it’s toll.

Break free of anything that holds you back…

Observe your behavior to see where you lack.

Approach the world with forgiving honesty…

Contemplate the meaning of everything you see.

Have patience with those who risk being honest and open…

Sometimes hearing, means listening to the unspoken.