An Explanation of Allahs Beautiful Names and Attributes art 15

34) Al Hakeem  This Name of Allah Appears in the Qur’an 91 times. The majority of the time, it is mentioned with another Name for example Al Aleem, Al Kabeer. Allah says: Whatever is in the heavens and earth exalts Allah, and He is the Exalted in Might, the Wise. [al Hadeed 57:1] Allah also […]



We all must fast in Ramadan,
Which is one of the five pillars.
It is a blessed month you know,
We fast for allah, not for show.
It’s designed to make us think,
As we refrain from food and drink.
We feel the hunger and pain,
As much there is for us to gain.
From dawn till dusk we fast,
Hoping that our sawm we fast.
While, try to do much good,
Building taqwa like we should.
Special prayers we say at night
To forgive and guide us as we try.
While ourselves it was in ramadan
When allah revealed the holy quran
And so began the prophet’s call
A guide and mercy to us all
And the night of qadr is unique
It’s blessings all believers seek
Then we follow the day of ‘Eid’ a truly festive day indeed.
Fasting teaches discipline too.
And self-control for me and you.
As year by year we train to be
Better Muslims, by Allah’s decree


How Breastfeeding Mothers Should Prepare for Ramadan

Everyone is revving their engines for Ramadan, but most nursing mothers are wondering if they will fast at all.  Will I make enough milk?  Will it be too hard? How can I prevent myself from getting horrible headaches?  Some feel pressure from their families (which is concerning) and others just need that spiritual boost no…

An Explanation of Allahs Beautiful Names and Attributes part 14

30) Al Adheem This Name of Allah Appears in the Qur’an 9 times. For example Allah says: So exalt the Name of your Lord, the Most great. [al Waqiah 56:96] Rasoolullah sallalahu alayhi wassalam said; when you go into rukoo’ glorify Allah by saying subhana Rabbiyal ‘adheem. When the following was revealed: So glorify the […]


Here the author, rahimahullaah,  begins to quote evidences for the types of worship which he mentioned in his saying: “And the types of worship which Allaah commanded, such as Islaam, eemaan  and ihsaan,  and from that is supplication (du’aa)…”  So he began by mentioning the evidences for supplication/invocation (du’aa),  and the proofs for Islaam, eemaan and ihsaan  in detail will […]


Ibn Katheer, rahimahullaah, said: “The creator of these things is the One Who deserves to be worshipped.” All the types of worship which Allah commanded [66] – like Islaam (submission and obedience to Allah), eemaan (true Belief comprising belief of the heart, speech of the tongue and action of the limbs), and ihsaan (perfection of worship), and from that is […]


Having made clear that it is obligatory upon us to worship Allah, alone, giving no share of worship to anyone besides Allah, the author, rahimahullaah  goes on to explain some of the different types of worship. So he said: “And all the types of worship… like Islaam, eemaan  and ihsaan.” These three: Islaam, eemaan  and ihsaan  are the […]

The First Fourteen Days Of My Ramadan A Brief Mention 

Well ramadan has started and its going good I guess this is my second time fasting during ramadan ,

To be honest it has been hard on me let me explain it, matters not that I go without food it is the no drinking from farj prayer till marbib prayer that I have the most trouble with.

Normally when not fasting I chug water all day long , once I kept track of just how much water I drank during a 24 hour period and it was over 2.5 gallons this is not factoring in tea, coffee or any other type of liqiuds .
Ramadan started off with a series of bangs thats how they let everyone know here in morocco, I fasted the first two days then aunt flo arrived after iftar of the second day of fasting.

For  the next 7 days I didn’t fast but I helped out in other ways I helped cook foods chased children and washed clothes as well as tons of dishes .

I still wash the dishes whenever I find them you would believe how fast the dishes pile up.

I have been trying to read the Qur’an now that I am ovear aunt flo.​ It is slow going but in sha Allah I will finish it .

Today we made zemata a type of moroccan dessert it is yummy but very tiring to make .

The first 14 days of Ramadan have already passed and so far what I have learned is when its the hottest part oF the day try to nap or at least lay still under a fan .

After fast has been broken start drinking alot of water eat high protien meals soups and watermelon to help hydrate you .