Fresh Mint Lemonade

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Lemonade on TrayPrep time: 10 minutes

I love lemonade. Its so refreshing. My favorite thing to eat with lemonade is a soft pretzel. I get this combination at the local farmer’s/flea market here in DC. And boy does it taste good when you’re out braving the summer swelter! This recipe is super easy, super quick, and just as refreshing. I’ve added some mint, so here’s a tip depending on how minty you like your recipes. If you love mint, muddle it before you put anything into the carafe or pitcher. If you’re not huge on mint, add the leaves at the end and they will add an ever-so-slight mint flavor. For those parents out there, this drink can be diluted in delicious fashion by adding club soda. This recipe has something for everybody!


Juice of 5 large lemons
1/3- 1/2 C simple syrup (see below for instructions on how to make)

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my favorite juice blend recipe of the moment

sweet death


The recipe is as follows

*1-2 peeled Grapefruits (depending on how much juice you want)
*Mint leafs to your taste
*Water to your taste
(optional ingredients: other citruses, ginger [great for digestion], & sugar if you have a sweet tooth 🙂 )
& BLEND WELL! I suggest up to 30 seconds, at least until all the mint leafs have been blended.

Though this would make a great pure juice, I don’t own a juicer and it’s also well known that blending preserves all the membranes which form into pulp & pulp holds a LOT of nutritional value that would otherwise would be thrown away with juicing!

This fun juice blend is not only oh so refreshing & tasty but also so so cheap!!!
If I go to a local either Asian or Latino food market I can get away with paying 99 cents for 2 grapefruits but they are presumably not organic. & if…

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Cucumber Mint Water

Daily Health Central

Need a refreshing drink without the calories.  Add cucumbers to your water- Cucumber Water!  Extremely refreshing and delicious.  It gives a twist to your typical glass of water, and in the summer heat you need to drink up.  Is there a benefit of cucumber water?  Cucumbers are full of antioxidants and promote healthy aging. With our body containing about 60% water, the more water you drink the healthier you feel and are.  Fill up a pitcher with water add sliced cumbers and mint, and enjoy the summer days.

Cucumber Mint Refreshing Drink

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Authentic Knowledge from Quran & Sunnah

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Conditions of ‘La ilaha ‘illa Allaah

Conditions of ‘La ilaha ‘illa Allaah

Conditions of ‘La ilaha ‘illa Allaah’ – ‘There is none worthy of worship in truth except Allaah’

Taken from: ‘Ma’arij al-Qabool’ By: Hafidh al-Hakami -Rahimahullaah-

Translated by Abbas Abu Yahya
On the authority of ‘Uthmaan –RadhiAllaahu anhu- who said that: the Messenger of Allaah – sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam – said: ‘Whoever dies knowing ‘La ilaha ‘illa Allaah’ enters Paradise.’
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view PDF files. This is a free program available from the Adobe web site. Follow the download directions on the Adobe web site to get your copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you have Adobe Acrobat already, you may download the article by either of the following methods;
Windows – right click on filename link and…

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Alhuda, The Quran Club

Al-Usool-uth-Thalaathah (The Three Fundamental Principles) is one of the famous works of al Imaam Muhammad bin ‘Abdil-Wahhaab (may Allah have mercy on him). Without doubt The three fundamental principles of islam are amongst the most important matters that every person will be asked about; ‘Who is your Lord?’, ‘What is your religion?’ and ‘Who is your Prophet?’. So its obligatory upon mankind to know its proofs and making it a study until we reach our next abode, the Grave.

The manner of this document would be mostly in short points which are easy to understand and will be published chapter by chapter on BLOG Insha Allah.

The Risalat of Sheikhul Islam consists of five parts. They are three introductions, a main text, and an ending.

The three introductions:

“اعلم رحمك الله أنه يجب علينا تعلم أربع مسائل”

Meaning: “Know – May Allah have mercy on you – that it is…

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The Prophet’s prayer described WORKBOOK

Islamic Bedtime Stories

Assalamo ‘aleykum.

Ramadan has left us and, after the festivities, our thoughts return to homeschooling and to how we can implement all those good “Ramadan resolutions” in the upbringing of our children, Insha’Allah.

I put together a little workbook based on the great work of shaykh al-Albani (rahimahullah) “The Prophet’s prayer described”.

I just came up with a few easy questions and activities to consolidate the comprehension of each one of the main topics, Alhamdulillah. It is a very simple workbook. I tried to include only the basic topics and require minimal writing. Yet I think it should be quite effective, and only Allah grants every success. Again, it is a pretty rudimentary production *smile* I just lack the skills and I didn’t want it to take weeks in the making.

Also, please not that this does not include the conditions and pillars of salah! (this is next on my to-do…

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Four Rak’ah equivalent to lailatul Qadr!

Authentic Knowledge from Quran & Sunnah

Four Rak’ah equivalent to lailatul Qadr!
Bismillahi wal Hamdullillah Was Salaatu Was Salaamu ‘Alaa Rasoolillah:
Ammaa Ba’d:
The prophet saw said “Whoever prays Ishaa in congregation and (then) prays four (rak’ah) before he leaves the masjid then it is equivalent to lailatul Qadr”
(Collected by At Tabaraani in ‘Al Awsat’ 1/2/1)
Shaikh Al Albaani mentions the hadeeth in ‘Silsilaul Ahaadeeth ad Da’eefah’ and highlights the fact that this version of the hadeeth is weak due to the presence of Imaam Abu Haneefah in its chain.
He mentions (Da’eefah 11/102):
“..similarly the rest of its narrators are trustworthy except Abu Haneefah – Rahimahullah –for indeed the Imaams (of Hadeeth) have declared him weak (In hadeeth), just as the detailed clarification of this) has preceded under hadeeth 458, the like of which you will find in no other place.”
He then goes on to mention:
“Although the hadeeth has occurred authentically attributed…

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