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Surah Az-Zumar:

  • Ayah of hope– Do not think that I have committed so many sins Allah swt will not forgive. Do not delay in repenting to He swt is Ghafoor ur Raheem. (Surah Az-Zumer 53)
  • On day of Qiyamah Allah swt will take this earth in His hands like a child Carries a ball in his hands & then He swt would say “Where are the kings of the world.” This ayah shakes you so much as it shows ultimate Power of Allah subhana’watalah (Surah Az-Zumer 67)
  • When people of Jannah will enter Jannah they will say ‘Alhumdolilah that He swt has entered us in Jannah, they will give credit to Allah swt. (Surah Az-Zumer 74)

Surah Al-Momin:

  • Angels make duas of Isteghfar for believer this gives so much satisfaction and happiness. We should also remember each other in our duas. (Surah Al-Momin 7)
  • When we roll our eyes…

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