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Al-Usool-uth-Thalaathah (The Three Fundamental Principles) is one of the famous works of al Imaam Muhammad bin ‘Abdil-Wahhaab (may Allah have mercy on him). Without doubt The three fundamental principles of islam are amongst the most important matters that every person will be asked about; ‘Who is your Lord?’, ‘What is your religion?’ and ‘Who is your Prophet?’. So its obligatory upon mankind to know its proofs and making it a study until we reach our next abode, the Grave.

The manner of this document would be mostly in short points which are easy to understand and will be published chapter by chapter on BLOG Insha Allah.

The Risalat of Sheikhul Islam consists of five parts. They are three introductions, a main text, and an ending.

The three introductions:

“اعلم رحمك الله أنه يجب علينا تعلم أربع مسائل”

Meaning: “Know – May Allah have mercy on you – that it is…

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