Its A Shame

It’s A Shame

The circle is falling round us, creatures are weeping near us,
Don’t you think it’s a shame?

growing flowers are crying, pain is crawling in the skin,
Don’t you think it’s a shame?

Materialistic things seem more important than people,
Isn’t this a shame?

casting stones, cruelty to innocence ,
whats going on in the world?

The world is changing to the worst war field ever seen to man,
Is that a shame?

It’s not the worlds fault, it’s the things that live within the world,
It’s the people.


Alhuda, The Quran Club


  • Every living being is created from water, it’s a scientific fact which is known only few years, but it is mentioned in Quran 1400 years ago, another proof Quran is from Allah subhana’watalah, it’s not man made.  (Ayah 30)
  • If Imaan is like that of Ibrahim (A.S) then fire will not harm. Make your Imaan strong & you will seek Allah’s help in’sha’Allah when there is no way out. (Ayah 69)
  • In intense pain & sickness, we should recite this dua انِّي مسنّي الضَّر و انتَ ارحم الرّحمين  Ayah 83
  • Dua of karb and a best tasbeeh لا اله الا الله الا انت سبحنك انّى كنت من ا لظلمين  (Ayah 87)


  • Deen is not by choice, if things are going easy I follow it , when tide is going against me I leave it. This Attitude will lead to loss of both worlds. (Ayah 11)

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Alhuda, The Quran Club

Surah Al Anbiyaa ( The Prophets)

This surah starts with warning.

  • اقتربللناسحسابهم

The audit is coming near and people are completly ignoring that. People do not take these warnings seriously. People are heedless. Ayah 1-3

  •  كل نفس ذاءقة الموت

Everyone is going to taste death and We (Allah) ‘ll test every one with evil and good, and you ll return to Us. Ayah 35

  •  ونضع الموازين القسط

“And We place the scales of justice for the Day of Resurrection, so no soul will be treated unjustly at all. And if there is [even] the weight of a mustard seed, We will bring it forth. And sufficient are We as accountant.” Ayah 47

  •  وهذا ذكر مبرك انزلنه This Quran is blessed reminder:

    “And this [Qur’an] is a blessed message which We have sent down. Then are you with it unacquainted?”Ayah 50

  •  وماارسلنكالارحمة للعلمين Prophet Muhammad ﷺ is mercy…

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Smokey Bean Casserole

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Alhuda, The Quran Club

bismillah2 copy

Surah Al-Hajj, the first 24 verses focus on a similar theme, warning the unbelievers that the punishment is coming.The rest of surah is believed to have been revealed after the Muslims migrated to Madinah.  There, they began to form a community dedicated to the worship of Allah and the practice of Islam. When the believers spent their first Hajj month in Madinah, however, some believers found themselves feeling torn – nostalgic for their homes in Makkah, wavering in the face of hardships, and/or angry about being prevented from performing Hajj by the Makkan leaders.

Surah Al-Hajj 1 to 78

  • [22: 1- 2] Nothing could protect man from the horrors of Day of Judgment except the fear of Allah. Be conscious of Him in this life, and you will be under His protection during the horrors of the Hour.
  • [22: 5- 6] Allah’s power and ability to resurrect that is evident from…

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