my favorite juice blend recipe of the moment

sweet death


The recipe is as follows

*1-2 peeled Grapefruits (depending on how much juice you want)
*Mint leafs to your taste
*Water to your taste
(optional ingredients: other citruses, ginger [great for digestion], & sugar if you have a sweet tooth 🙂 )
& BLEND WELL! I suggest up to 30 seconds, at least until all the mint leafs have been blended.

Though this would make a great pure juice, I don’t own a juicer and it’s also well known that blending preserves all the membranes which form into pulp & pulp holds a LOT of nutritional value that would otherwise would be thrown away with juicing!

This fun juice blend is not only oh so refreshing & tasty but also so so cheap!!!
If I go to a local either Asian or Latino food market I can get away with paying 99 cents for 2 grapefruits but they are presumably not organic. & if…

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