I Get It

I Get It
I see that trouble has been coming to you
Since I confessed the love I feel for you
Nothing has been the same in my world
Since I spoke to you all those words
I didn’t mean to fall in love
Even it is my prayer to God
I didn’t thought that it would be you
So pardon me, If I’m being true
But if you need to turn away, Don’t hesitate
I will understand, I get it.
I don’t want to destroy a perfect bond
So if I need to, Just say it and I’m gone
From the start I knew this is wrong
I was being selfish for writing you those poems
Someone’s waiting for you and you are waiting for him
I just can’t admit it, That you are just a dream
All I want is to be honest
Didn’t mean to become a pest
So if I need to get off your way, I get it
You never had to explain, I won’t hurt a bit.

Look at me

Look at me

Look at me can’t you see my eyes do not lie 

The tears that I cry are only mere images of pain 

Do you care 

That  I Am here 

Do you believe in me 

Look at me can’t you see my eyes tell the story of my heart


Longing for someone.
Like feeling without
Being able to touch.
Or seeing without
Having vision.
From within, you feel.
There is an emptiness,
A longing that seems
To never warm.
The unknowing of it all.
Your heart waits, wants
But still longs.
Longing for that love.
Love that fills
Your whole being
With such adoration
And a never ending Longing

Lest we Forget

Lest we Forget
Lest we forget those years of yore

When our country was first being found
No one really knew what was in store

But determined in mind to own some ground
Our forefathers had to fight for their rights

To settle and build in a life of fear
But often disappeared in darkness of night

How can we thank our forefathers with only a tear?
To make our country such a high level plight


Boy I hurt, you’re so far away
I call you when I hurt, you tell me its ok
I miss you so much and I don’t know why
Because you’re so far makes me want to cry
It’s like god sent an angel from the heavens above
Now you come along and you show me love
Boy I give you my all
But will you be there to catch me, when I fall
I think about us
Loving you is a must
Holding my hand
Hoping what I say you will understand
And hear me out
What is our love about
I want to say our love is true
That’s why I want to give myself to you


Sitting now thinking upon my heartache,
I remember my fear
And how I struggled to recede.
Hopelessly, foolishly I was blinded for love’s sake.
By your beauty I was convinced to proceed.
I’d have given my flesh for yours.
I felt so blessed to soak in your brilliance.
With you I had finally found a way to fight my own resilience.
A time came when I found acceptance.
I wanted to wrap you in my own skin.
I longed for you to know the depth of my love.
I saw into your soul,
I truly see everything within.
To make myself translucent so you could see the capacity of my heart.
To show you although fearful and hesitant
I loved you from the start.
After trying so diligently to make me love you,
You refused to see what I tried to portray.
Not using the same effort you lost me,
Not even trying to stay.


Consumed My soul is weary,
Heart is crying,

All around me dreams are dying,
Hope is fading with the wind,

Trapped within this web of sin.
Invisible tears stain my soul,

This loneliness that no one knows,
I cry within each day and night,

These broken wings;

They long for flight.
Weary and broken

I fall to the floor,

My soul has been raped and it
Breathes no more,

I burn in the ashes

Of my self-inflicted hell,

Of hate that I fear to unveil,

I’m a corpse stained red with
Guilt and shame,

The angels fail

To ease my pain.

I fear that my faith
Is wearing thin,

Consumed by the madness

That screams from within…