My Bestfriend

My Bestfriend


My bestfriend has passed away,
She went to live with the lord today.
She left some broken hearts behind,
But loving memories is what we’ll find.
In our thoughts and our heart,
She gone to the lord to make a new start.
No more sorrow and no more pain,
We wait for the day to meet her again.
A loving womman and caring too,
She’d make you smile when you were blue.
She’d give you anything he had,
Make you laugh and make you glad.
Glad to have such a special friend,
Hoping and praying that it never would end.
She is my bestfriend
The greatest woman I’ll ever know,
I just wish that she didn’t have to go.
But I know she’s in heaven looking down,
A face with a smile and on her head a crown.
I love you and miss you,too.R.I.P 6-24-2012

To my best friend whose passed away 



Your my world 

Everything I need 

More than the air I breathe 

You are precious to me 

Your my everything 

You give me stregnth when I am weak 

Soothe me when I’m weary 

When all hope is lost, 

In you its restored 

When everything around me crumbles, 

You stand firm 

In you I find hope, 

Peace, and life 

Your my stregnth and firm foundation 

All I need and want is found in 

YOU Comforter, 




Firm foundation builder, 


Friend and lover 

You are my everything

Life Pretty Pleasures

Life Pretty Pleasures

In all the world,

Where love so young,
Truth speaks in lover’s tongue,

These pretty pleasures shall be my guide
To be with thee and thy valley inside.

It’s time,

My drive from field to the fold
On raging rivers till hard rock cold.

While the flowers fade,

From these wanton fields.
To wayward country reckoning yields;

My tongue in honey,

The nectar flow,
In fancy spring,

It’s time I holds.
My dance,

My member,

My all so ready posies.
Oh how I do love those beds of roses!

Oh my country,

To come,

Oh so splendor,
To be home,

I return, soon to enter.
Youth may last,

My love still breed?
Our joy,


Our secret deeds,

My mind,

My body,

My soul.
To be alive,

To live,

To be so bold.

Black Widow Martyr

Black Widow Martyr
The webs of a spider
Like gossamer phantoms went
Deep down inside her.
None could see what changes were
Her beauty all vision bent
The webs of a spider
She spoke; her voice was a purr
The tempted to death were sent
Deep down inside her.
Every miss looks after her sir
So lovely; despite her nature she longs to repent
Deep down inside her.
Just like that, gone like a blur.
Her freedom from murder is death; she knew
What that meant
The webs of a spider
Deep down inside her.

The Life I Dream Of

The Life I Dream Of

In a perfect world the life I live would dissipate.
In a perfect world evil would not exist.

Life in a perfect world is not the life I dream of.
The life I dream of is not perfect.

In this life there still is pain.
In this life there still is evil.

In this life love exists.
In this life good always wins and love never fails.

The life I dream of, the perfect life,
And the life I live are very different.

The life I dream of and the perfect world exist only in our hearts.
The reality of life is pain, though love exists,

It tends fades and evil often prevails.

Eternal Sorrow

Eternal Sorrow
Grieving with sorrow,
Conflicting pain.
Watching your heart
Float away with the rain.
Obstacles ancient
Coming your way,
Making your sunshine
Into a cold winter’s day.
Mourning and crying
Until the break of dawn.
Waking to nothing
But a sad, dark song.

My Secret Love

My Secret Love

Today our souls met.

Our hearts became one.

We fell so deeply in love.

That we couldn’t stop the feelings.

What started as a simple kiss,

Grew to a passion.

That leaves us wanting more.

Every word we speak

Confers our feelings.

Every touch

Consoles the needs.

Every time we meet

Makes it harder to part.

Leaving an empty space yearning.

You have become an intricate part of my life.

A piece I never want to be without.

What will become of US?

Once we both realize the reality of our feelings.

I will always love you.