My Bestfriend

My Bestfriend


My bestfriend has passed away,
She went to live with the lord today.
She left some broken hearts behind,
But loving memories is what we’ll find.
In our thoughts and our heart,
She gone to the lord to make a new start.
No more sorrow and no more pain,
We wait for the day to meet her again.
A loving womman and caring too,
She’d make you smile when you were blue.
She’d give you anything he had,
Make you laugh and make you glad.
Glad to have such a special friend,
Hoping and praying that it never would end.
She is my bestfriend
The greatest woman I’ll ever know,
I just wish that she didn’t have to go.
But I know she’s in heaven looking down,
A face with a smile and on her head a crown.
I love you and miss you,too.R.I.P 6-24-2012

To my best friend whose passed away 



Your my world 

Everything I need 

More than the air I breathe 

You are precious to me 

Your my everything 

You give me stregnth when I am weak 

Soothe me when I’m weary 

When all hope is lost, 

In you its restored 

When everything around me crumbles, 

You stand firm 

In you I find hope, 

Peace, and life 

Your my stregnth and firm foundation 

All I need and want is found in 

YOU Comforter, 




Firm foundation builder, 


Friend and lover 

You are my everything



My heart begins to ache, 

And I don’t know how I feel. 

My mind goes blank, 

And I don’t know what to say. 

My body begins to falter, 

And I’m too weak too stand. 

My eyes bein to water, 

And I don’t want to cry. 

My soul tries to hold on, 

And it’s too late.

 Someone I love died today,

 I guess it was their fate.

The Life I Dream Of

The Life I Dream Of

In a perfect world the life I live would dissipate. 

In a perfect world evil would not exist. 

Life in a perfect world is not the life I dream of.

 The life I dream of is not perfect. 

In this life there still is pain. 

In this life there still is evil.

 In this life love exists. 

In this life good always wins and love never fails.

 The life I dream of,

 The perfect life, 

And the life I live are very different. 

The life I dream of and the perfect world exist only in our hearts. 

The reality of life is pain, 

Though love exists, 

It tends fade and evil often prevails.

Window to a Mirror

Window to a Mirror

You’ve been like a window to me, 

I’ve been looking thru you to someone else.

 I thought who I was looking at was right,

 But what I was looking thru was perfect. 

You’ve been a friend to me when I was in need 

When I was too weak to stand. 

You nursed me back to my good strength, 

And now you’re the one I need. 

You’ve been a boyfriend to me, 

You keep me in control.

Now you help me even more,

 To know that someone cares. 

You’re now a mirror to me, 

You reflect how I should feel. 

It’s no longer how I should feel, 

But how I do feel.

Feeling Pain

Feeling Pain

As I live throughout the night to the day,

 I wonder why you treated me this way, 

Why you made me cry the tears I’ve cried, 

And I still don’t understand the reasons why, 

The reasons, 

Obviously, are very bad, 

Because of those tears, 

I’ve gotten very mad, 

Mad at the person I see in the mirror now, 


 I don’t even know how, 

But inside my head I feel so insane, 

Deadly thoughts are running through my brain, 

True, my emotions may seem very empty, 

Its because of all this pain and misery, 

That you’ve caused me, acting so mediocre, 

Now you’re probably wondering what I’m going to say, 

Well, I’m not going to tell you, 

You know what I should do, 

I should just make us over, 

But that I won’t do, 

I’ll just make you feel the pain that I was put through.