Bright Angel, Dark Lover

Bright Angel, Dark Lover

My bright angel, 

My good father. 

When I fall into darkness

 I see your light,

 You help me to climb back out. 

Please don’t let me fall, 

Take my hand and pull me out, 

Out of my myrad of sins. 

My dark lover, 

My dark angel. 

When I wander into the light,

 I see your darkness shining back. 

You bid me to come to you. 

Hold out your hands to me. 

Don’t let me wander too far, 

Hold my hand and lead me away, 

To our home.


Look at me

Look at me

Look at me can’t you see my eyes do not lie 

The tears that I cry are only mere images of pain 

Do you care 

That  I Am here 

Do you believe in me 

Look at me can’t you see my eyes tell the story of my heart

Empty Heart

Empty Heart

“Love is something like the wind 

You can’t see it, 

But  you can feel it 

I believe that statement 

It’s like how my heart is right now 

My heart is out, given to another 

But I’ve nothing to show for it 

Except vast emptiness and endless wishes 

He said he needs time and I need to wait 

And here I am…

Waiting as patiently as I can 

Though my patience grows weary at points 

But I know he’s honest with his words 

And his words are ones that I will obey 

Because he has my heart 

He’s the only one who can truthfully make me whole once again 

I miss him more than anything, 

He’s my world 

And my heart is his 

And here I wait…

As patiently as I can 

For my empty heart to be whole once again.

lest we forget

lest we forget

Lest we forget those years of yore 

When our country was first being found 

No one really knew what was in store 

But determined in mind to own some ground 

Our forefathers had to fight for their rights 

To settle and build in a life of fear 

But often disappeared in darkness of night 

How can we thank our forefathers with only a tear?

 To make our country such a high level plight

Love you

I love you throught the seasons
Through rain and shine
Blue skies and green trees and black seas
Nothing can keep me from you
I will travel to the ends of earth and back again just for you
Our souls are intwined
Our hearts are already binded together
This is true love
This is forever love
The kind that comes only once in a life time
To infindy and beyond
To you and only you I give my heart
And my body
You have lighted a etenal flame
Just with you gentle words and kind spirit
You reached out to me in my hour of deepest need
For this I love you
My words cannot do justice to how much I love you 
I can’t express it with 26 letter
Non with stars
I love you forever always beyond more most to infindy I love you

My Bestfriend

My Bestfriend


My bestfriend has passed away,
She went to live with the lord today.
She left some broken hearts behind,
But loving memories is what we’ll find.
In our thoughts and our heart,
She gone to the lord to make a new start.
No more sorrow and no more pain,
We wait for the day to meet her again.
A loving womman and caring too,
She’d make you smile when you were blue.
She’d give you anything he had,
Make you laugh and make you glad.
Glad to have such a special friend,
Hoping and praying that it never would end.
She is my bestfriend
The greatest woman I’ll ever know,
I just wish that she didn’t have to go.
But I know she’s in heaven looking down,
A face with a smile and on her head a crown.
I love you and miss you,too.R.I.P 6-24-2012

To my best friend whose passed away 



Your my world 

Everything I need 

More than the air I breathe 

You are precious to me 

Your my everything 

You give me stregnth when I am weak 

Soothe me when I’m weary 

When all hope is lost, 

In you its restored 

When everything around me crumbles, 

You stand firm 

In you I find hope, 

Peace, and life 

Your my stregnth and firm foundation 

All I need and want is found in 

YOU Comforter, 




Firm foundation builder, 


Friend and lover 

You are my everything