Surrounded by Depressed Fog

I weep my heart out 

no one cares

slowly I have fallen 

down into the gray blackness of


anguishing for hours 

can barely left my head 

dragging  myself through the days 

I  paste  on a mask and hope none sees through

my pain is always bubbling up, just beneath; 

never rising  

I hide the tears and fears 

depression slowly pulls me down 

lower  than the darkest hour 

I cry out to Allah to give me relief from the never ending battle

I am bone weary how much longer must I fight against this losing battle 

I have fought for years and nothing ever changes 

the struggles of depression makes me forget how to smile or laugh

I feel like a big damp cold colorless fog holds onto me



Bipolar anguish


down my cheeks are big fat tears 

All the anguish within my heart, 

is leaking from my eyes .

i  Cried despairing my emotions are plain 

to see 

Yet they are not even acknowledged 

My moods, are elicited, mess of indecision and anxiety concealed 

by a single  mask of indifference, 

No one seems to care, 

or take the  time to know me, 

i am adrift in an ocean of fears 

battling with tides and currents 

I have always been fiercely stricken with this affliction 

Doctors have given it labels 

But it is not so neatly labeled and packaged 

My mental health 

is not some random label 

No pills have helped me

Talking about it wont make it go away

Bipolar is here to stay 

please understand having a mental illness 

Is not fun 

It isn’t cool 

And no one understands me  and the personal hell

I have endured all the adversity and stigma of it

Yet I wake and fight fercely to make my way 

through the long darkness 

that is thrust 

upon me 

I pray for strength 

and promise to personally forgive all whom betray,